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The Chess Variant Pages

This page is written by the game's inventor, Daniel MacDuff.

Wizard's Curse

An ancient power stirred in his eyes.  His long gray beard formed a storm cloud hovering around his chin that seemed to direct his anger at the other end of the battlefield.  And at last he lifted his old body out of the chair and cast a spinning green disc of light at his foe.  And I fell.  And I came here.  And I tell you my story.


The armies were arranged as in your earthly game of chess.


King- But Orzar and I were not kings.  We took the spot of kings, yes.  But Kings we were not.  We could move in lines of all directions, two spaces.  The world was grand then.
Queen- I had by my side the lovely nymph Aprilla and Orzar had Mrs. Orzar.  They were just as fast as us, two spaces in all directions.  Oh how we would dance, Aprilla and I, when we defeated Orzar!
Bishop- Our two aides were with us.  They held our implements of magic.  I saw two suited demons with Orzar- perhaps his assistants?  The aides moved one square diagonally.  But if Aprilla and I (and presumably the two Orzars) were adjacent, they were happy as well, and could move two spaces diagonally as well, and leap at that!
Knight- Then the generals of our forces.  Each controlled a half of the battlefield.  They were twins, bound apart by the wicked spell of Orzar, forced to move in unison and in sync.  They would move as the knights of Earth, but leaping is not accurate to describe their motion.  No, it was gliding, through the living obstacles that plagued them.
Rook- And two fearsome Dracons from the lands beyond the Great Gray Hills!  They would move as the queens of Earth, but could also scorch all foes in the line of a queen until reaching one of their own, or they could leap.
Pawn- Of course, summoned creatures of various sorts made up our army.  They would move one square orthogonally, yes, I remember that.  But never would they promote.


Of course, those magical implements allowed myself, and my fair lover, to use magic when next to either of our aides.  I and my counterpart, Orzar, could cast curses:

Shifting Curse- that would cause the warrior to shift onto the corner of the caster's choice of their space.  Sadly, they would lose the ability to leap and capture on the regular board, but they could be captured by any piece at a space adjacent to their space instead of that piece moving.  Sadly, this effect was irreversible.

Evil Creatures Curse- If the warrior tried to leap, or move more than one square, it would be destroyed.  But the ghostly generals were immune to this.

Spinning Curse- The warrior would lose the ability to move sideways and backwards, and had to go in the most forward direction available to it, but it would spin 90° each turn.  This effect, too, was irreversible

Oh, and Aprilla and the despicable Mrs. Orzar could bless their troops:

Healing Bless- That would save any warrior from death, except by Evil Creatures or Draconfire.  Upon death, all curses and blessings on the piece are lifted.

Speed Bless- That would allow a troop to move any number of times, but it could capture only once, and would then be given one more move.

Shield Bless- As long as the warrior was adjacent to any piece, it could not be captured.  But when it ventured beyond life, it lost the shield.


I feel a tingling sensation around my fingers.  I struggle to type.  What is happening to me?  I see the face of Aprilla.  Goodbye, my frie-

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By Daniel Robert MacDuff.
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