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This page is written by the game's inventor, Piotr Smagacz.

Three drops chess

In Three Drops Chess, all the rules of traditional chess apply, including the initial positioning of the pieces, except for the differences described below.

Three Drops Chess rules:
1. Each player has a pocket to store their pieces.
2. The queen can capture any friendly piece except the king, which goes into the pocket after being captured.
3. The queen can capture a friendly piece only three times during the game.
4. Only one piece can be in the pocket.
5. Instead of moving a piece, players may place a piece from their pocket on any square on the chessboard (except for a pawn, see rule no. 6).
6. Players cannot place a pawn on the first or eighth rank.
7. A pawn can take a double step after being placed in the second rank.

Three Drops Chess – variant with a large pocket
In this variant, the pocket will fit three pieces that the queen will capture.
These pieces can be placed on the chessboard in any order.
The limitation for the queen to three captured friendly pieces still applies.

Three Drops Chess – variant without pocket
In this variant, after capturing a friendly piece, it is immediately placed by the player on any square on the chessboard.
The limit of three captured friendly pieces still applies. A player cannot place a piece in such a way that it puts the king in check.

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