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This page is written by the game's inventor, Daniil Frolov.

Third runner

There are many games, wich logically extends FIDE chess. Carera, Bird and Cpablanca chess adds compounds rook plus knight and bishop plus knight (because queen is compound of rook and bishop). Some games (Mexican chess, modern kamil and others) adds camel, piece, wich to knight is same as bishop to rook. In Wayne Schmittberger's game Wildebeest Chess there is also compound of knight and camel (to knight and camel, it's same as queen to rook and bishop). Abdul-Rahman Sibahi's used another knight's colorbound analogue in his Shatranj al-Sultan : if knight leaps to square of opposite color on 5x5 perimeter, alibaba leaps to square of same color on 5x5 perimeter (i think, it needs subvariant, wich have squirel, compound of knight and alibaba). George Duke adds falcon to his Falcon Chess : falcon is fourth piece after rook, knight and bishop (i did'nt understand, why). Here is my own extension of FIDE chess. I added dababarider (here called "tradesman") to courier -sized board. Dababarider is third piece after rook and bishop. To bishop it is same as bishop to rook: if you'll make game, wich is identical to FIDE chess, played on diamond-shaped board with only colorbound pieces, you'll use bishop for rook and dababarider for bishop. Fourth piece is alfilrider, then (0,4) rider, then (4,4) rider, then (0,8) rider and so on. But this statement works only on 2-dimensional boards. On 1-dimensional board dababarider is second piece (in 1-dimensional games it's often used under name "bishop"). Same trick cannot be done of 3-d boards, but for simplicity you can use this sequence: rook, bishop, unicorn, dababarider, alfilrider, (2,2,2) rider, (0,0,4) rider and so on.


Board is 12x8.


T - tradesman;
G - general;
M - minister.

In this setup not all pawns are protected. Alternative setup: queen and general swaps opening positions.


Tradesman moves as rook, but must stop on square of same color and it leaps over all squares of different color. It's restricted to board's quarter.

Minister moves as bishop and tradesman. It's colourbound.

General moves as rook and tradesman (thus, it's just rook wich is harder to be blocked).


When king catles, he may move 2, 3 or 4 steps. rook leaps to next square after king.
Pawns may promote to any piece, used here, expect king.


Subvariant on 8x16 (double size), wich also have new leapers:


C - camel;
S - sheep.

Camel is (1,3) leaper (moves 3 squares straight and 1 at right angles).

Sheep is (2,4) leaper (moves 4 squares straight and 2 at right angles). Too weak.

King may move up to 5 squares during castling.

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By Daniil Frolov.
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