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This page is written by the game's inventor, (zzo38) A. Black.



Here are some types of TelnChes games:

I-Doubt-It TelnChes

Play as Chess, but start no pieces on board. Players take turns placing pieces on the board on first 2 rows. You can see opponent's pieces but you can't tell what kind they are. When all pieces set up, you can play like Chess. No castling, and pawns only move double-step on second row. No check/mate, win by capturing opponent king. You can move pieces any way you like, but then opponent may say "I doubt it", which means computer check if the piece was moved correctly. If it wasn't moved correctly, the move is reversed and next player takes his turn. If it was moved correctly, player you doubted it misses his turn. If your king was captured, you can doubt it and take a chance to reverse the move before the game is actually over.

Multi-player TelnChes

Play as chess. Each players first 4 rows setup as chess, and seperate place than all other pieces (they cannot be reached). There are 4 rows common to all players. You can only see your own private place, and the public place. A piece can move from private places to the common public place, and from common public place to any player's private place. If you move into another player's private place, then you can see anything any one of your pieces in there could capture. No check/mate. Win by capturing any opponent's king. Then all of his pieces become your own and you own his private house as well, you can see it all.

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By (zzo38) A. Black.
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