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This page is written by the game's inventor, Max Koval.

Square Root Chess

Square Root Chess is a chess variant designed by Max Koval in 2023. The game is played on an unusual tilted board and uses one standard chess set.


The coordinate system that applies to this board is the same as in standard chess, with the only remark that the columns visually turn into diagonals. The coordinates are the same as in standard chess, with black's king and queen being reversed.


The rules remain the same as in FIDE Chess with the only remark that pawns are not able to capture to the right diagonally, and have an additional ability to passively move to the left horizontally, which essentially makes sense following the board's shape. As an example, a pawn e4 can passively move to f5 or d4 and capture on e5. Double step is allowed in both directions, pawns can make multiple double steps on the 2nd (White) and 7th (Black) rows. 


You can download the SVG graphics and printable A4 PDF file here.

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