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This page is written by the game's inventor, John Smith.

Snowflake Xiang Qi

This is an alternate board and set-up for a Xiang Hex variant.


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The cells of the board are named by their file and their rank. The files are named from 'a' to 's' starting from the left. Ranks are distinguished in their relation to the file. The bottom cell of a file is known as the zeroth cell, the next up as the first cell, and so on. Notation is otherwise identical to that of Xiang Hex.


Same as Xiang Hex, except for the Soldier. The Soldier moves one cell straight forward while on its own side of the board. While in the River or on the opponent's side of the board it can move one square orthogonally forward in any direction. While in the last four ranks it can also move orthogonally backward in the direction of the enemy Palace.


Same as Xiang Hex.

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