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This page is written by the game's inventor, Mark Simpson. This game is a favorite of its inventor.

Noble WingS Chess

Noble WingS Chess - is the logical full blooded extension from Noble Wing Chess, where there are only three variant pieces, placed on the Queens side at the start of the game. Noble WingS Chess starts with BOTH wings having the same variants as the single wing in Noble wing chess, Thus with three variant pieces on both wings, the resulting game will be a highly mobile multi option battlefield - more removed from standard chess, but able to be be played with a standard chess set & board unaltered in the physical world or on game courier if desired, as long as the rules are understood. 

 Unprogrammed preset can be found on Game Courier - Logs/finished games.




On Game Courier - 

Use the Noble Wings Chess preset, (found on Game Logs - Active/finished games) with no rules programmed, the following variant piece names to replace the standard Rooks, Knights & Bishops -

 Both Bishops become - Archbishops.

 Both Knights become - Barons.
 Both Rooks become - Earls.

 King, Queen & all Pawns are as standard Chess pieces.


King, Queen and Pawns move & take as standard Chess King, Queen &  pawns.

Archbishops -  move & take as standard Chess Bishops - but with the option instead, of moving, but NOT taking one square orthogonally - thus able to move from one colour to another and back later if wanted. Check & Checkmate are valid Diagonally only, as a result of this move.

Barons - move & take as standard Chess Knights - but with the option instead of moving one square in any direction, but CANNOT take using this move option. Check & Checkmate are valid as a result of this move - but only in the standard Knight move way. 

Earls - move & take as standard Chess Rooks - but with the option instead of moving UP TO four squares diagonally, but CANNOT take using this move option. Check & Checkmate are valid as a result of this move, but only orthogonally.

Pawn Promotion - Pawns reaching the eighth rank may only promote to lost pieces. If no lost pieces, they remain where they are (not subject to capture) until the first piece other than a Pawn is lost, the Pawn must then promote to that piece - and is then subject to capture.

Check & Checkmate as standard chess - with the inclusion of the variant moves resulting in orthodox Chess Check & Mate.


Developed as a result of play testing Noble Wing Chess - with a view to playing an end game with more surviving variant pieces.

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By Mark Simpson.
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