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This page is written by the game's inventor, Andy Maxson.

mir chess II

I have recently played David Paulowich's mir chess and found it quite fun and thought it quite fun and i thought in my head how about making a mir chess variant? So, here goes...


mir chess II                       
mir chess II


King, knight, and rook move as in orthochess except there is no castling. Pawns have no double step.. Generals move as bishops or wazirs like the dragon horse in shogi. Cannons move as rooks but capture must jump over one piece like the chinese cannon. Elephants either jump to the second diagonal square or move one orthogonally they can't move one diagonally.


Pawns promote to generals or to any previously captured friendly piece. Along with check mate stalemate is also a win along with baring the opponent's king.


This game is very hard to draw. And there are no colorbound pieces! The cannon was inspired mir chess however the mir chess cannons move as rooks but must jump in order to capture however korean cannons jump in order to move. The elephants were inspired by ralph betza's waffle and the shako elephant. However the unlike the shako elephant it moves one orthognally instead of diagonally. this was also inspired by shatranj variants
I revised the part where i said the cannons are korean cannons because i realised those are pretty weak 
i realised that in playing the exotic chess applett the enemy's pawns will promote to queens there is one way to subvert this if the enemy pawn promotes to queen just take back your move and do the same move again but this time do the computer's move for it (this can be done by changing who does the move from computer to human and move the pawn to the promotion rank and select bishop+wazir)
 I have two subvariants
1 pawns promote to queens (this change was done with the people who play this using exotic chess in mind) i also want to to this because i thought it might be interesting to be able to promote to a piece not in the original setup.
2 the cannons are korean which means they jump to move and capture

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By Andy Maxson.
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