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This page is written by the game's inventor, James Zuercher.


MightyChess is a derivative of 8x10 Capablanca's Chess.  It has stronger pieces to replace the Knights, Bishops, and Rooks.

MightyKnight replaces the Knight.  It combines the moves of a Knight and a Camel.

SlipperyBishop replaces the Bishop.  It combines the moves of a Bishop and a Wazir.  It is also known as a Dragon Horse.

OrneryRook replaces the Rook.  It combines the moves of a Rook and a Ferz.  It is also known as a Dragon King or a Crowned Rook.

Aside from the above replacements, all the rules of Capablanca apply.


The setup is the same as 8x10 Capablanca's Chess with the above replacements


The MightyKnight moves as a conventional chess Knight or as a Camel (1,3).

The SlipperyBishop moves as a conventional chess Bishop or as a Wazir(01).

The OrneryRook moves as a conventional chess Rook or as a Ferz(1,1).

The Chancellor moves as a Rook or a Knight

The Archbishop moves as a Bishop or a Knight.

The castle move is between the King and an OrneryRook and the rules of Capablanca's Chess apply.


Mighty Chess is played on an 8x10 board.

The rules of 8x10 Capablanca's chess apply with the above replacements.

There are no other special rules.


Mighty Chess is another attempt to modify Capablanca's Chess per the comments by Winter that the minor pieces are not as important as in normal chess.  Here, instead of replacing the Archbishop and Chancellor with weaker pieces as in my other games (Goshawkchess, Pantherchess, Leaperchess, and Sliderchess), I am adding stronger pieces to the Archbishop and Chancellor.

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By James Zuercher.

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