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The Chess Variant Pages

This page is written by the game's inventor, Daniel MacDuff.

Mega-rajah and the Super-sepoys

For many years, Maharajah and the Sepoys has been said to be unfair, that the Maharajah can also be beaten.  Alas, this has been scientifically proven to be true, so I now present: Mega-rajah and the Super-sepoys!


First of all, this battle needs a bigger field.  How about 10x10?  And while we aren't using those other white pieces…

Just put the Mega-rajah on any square on the back rank.



Mega-rajah- Griffon, Rook, Diagonal Griffon, Bishop.

Hold up!  What do I call this diagonal Griffon?  How about I name it the Muffin?  That works.  So…

Mega-rajah- Griffon, Muffin, Rook, Bishop.

And for the Sepoys…

Whoa!  New pieces!  Well, not really that many.

D- Dromedary Camel- A Camel (3,1) or Wazir (0,1) move.
A- Archbishop
C- Chancellor
M- Mortar or a Chinese Cannon
T- Knightrider
Z- Zamazon- Moves as any piece you have left but captures as any piece you have lost.


Boy.  The Zamazon really adds a new layer of strategy, doesn't it?  Anyways, pawns promote to any piece except a Mega-rajah.  Oh, and, once per game, the Mega-rajah may capture a pawn, keep it, and place it later as a regular Maharajah.  The goal is to capture the Mega-rajah and Maharajah, or to capture the King and Queen.



If the Mega-rajah captures the Zamazon, she becomes his new queen and can move as he does, but with a leap.

You could ignore the once per game limit on the pawn thing if you still think that the Mega-rajah is too weak.

Finally, you could play with any variant against the Mega-rajah., minus the pawn thing and the queen thing.  Yeah.  He's that powerful.  Ultima would be kind of cool if you did that!

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By Daniel Robert MacDuff.
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