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The Chess Variant Pages

This page is written by the game's inventor, John Smith.

Magic River


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The blue area between files 5 and 6 is known as the Magic River. It is a river that has magical transformative powers, turning an Englishman into a Chinaman and vice versa. All Xiang Qi files widen into FIDE Chess files except the center. The colored dots on the Xiang Qi points are guides for matching the colors of the FIDE Chess squares.


Same as FIDE Chess and Xiang Qi.


On completion of a move that crosses the Magic River, a moving piece changes into its counterpart.

Pawn / Soldier
Rook / Chariot
Knight / Horse
Bishop / Elephant
Queen / Advisor
King / General

Generals and Advisors cannot cross the Palace walls but can move outside of Palaces. A General can capture another General an unobstructed orthogonal line away, but not a King.

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