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This page is written by the game's inventor, Daniil Frolov.

Korean Carrera

Variant of Changi, Korean chess, with compound pieces (as in Carrera chess). It also have more special diagonal (as in palace in standart orean chess).


Empty board, palaces are marked with ":


Empty board, special diagonal lines are marked with *:


Initial positions of pieces (remember that before playing horses may be optionally swapped with adjecent elephants):


K - general (king);
G - guard;
E - elephant;
H - horse;
R - chariot (rook);
C - cannon;
P - pawn;
X - here compound pieces can be placed (see rules).


Standart piece moves as usual. Each player have 6 compound pieces:
Marshal - compound of chariot and horse.
Ship - compound of chariot and elephant.
Ram - compound of chatiot and cannon.
Ninja - compound of cannon and horse.
Dragon - compound of cannon and elephant.
Gazelle - compound of horse and elephant.
Guard is not compounded (think of it as of defensive pawn).

Pices with chariot and cannon moves can move diagonally alond special lines. Pieces with cannon moves cannot capture and hop over pieces of same kind (it's allowed to capture and hop over other pieces with cannon moves).


First player first must choose to swap or not to swap positions of horses and elephants (see rules of Korean chess) and place compound pieces on spaces, marked with X on third diagram with these limitations: pieces with rook moves cannot be placed on files without pawns, pieces with cannon moves cannot be placed on extreme files. Then second player must do the same. Then first player moves a piece, then players alternate moves.
Values of new pieces in draw games (i'm not sure that it's close toreal reltive values of these pieces):
Ram: 20 points.
Marshal: 18.
Ship: 16.
Ninja: 12.
Dragon: 10.
Gazelle: 8.

Other rules are standart.

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By Daniil Frolov.
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