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King Support Chess

In this variant a pawn supported by the King can capture orthogonally forward also. That helps to break up interlocked pawn structures and makes it more difficult to block a passed pawn. That should cause several normally drawn positions to be now decided and the game to be less drawish.

En passant and Castling are replaced by other rules, so that the position alone determines what moves are legal and the past moves are relevant only for the repetition rule and the 50 moves rule.


Same as orthodox Chess, with the following exceptions:

A pawn can make a double move only if the square to leap over is not attacked by an opponent's pawn i. e. if no opponent's pawn is beside the destination square (on same row and adjacent). This rule makes the en passant capture obsolete.

A pawn that is orthogonally or diagonally adjacent to the friendly King may capture to the square orthogonally in front of it. But it may not make a capturing double move.

Castling can be done even if Rook and/or King have previously moved. The King must be on the origin square (e1 for white and e8 for black), while the participating rook may be on any other square of the same row. If the rook is nearer to the a-column than the King, the King castles to the c- and the Rook to the d-column, otherwise the King castles to the g- and the Rook to the f-column. No other piece must be in the way, and the King must not be in check or castle over a square attacked by the opponent. A side can castle more than once in a game.

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