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The Chess Variant Pages

This page is written by the game's inventor, Daniel MacDuff.

It is what it is chess

This is a chess game based on making a chess game about CHESS!
No, really, the pieces are the letters in CHESS.  Naturally I had to do more, though, and so I added in three more symbols.

The goal is to break your opponent's heart...
make him unhappy...
or disturb his peace.


Same as FIDE Chess with no pawns.  Also, place a pawn (or checker) next to (under) the Bishop and Knight on the right.  Here will be how your setup will read:

S  C  H  Happiness  Peace  Love  E  S

A little weird, huh?

Anyways, each piece moves exactly how it looks.


c- Moves up to four spaces as a mini-rose that starts vertically and ends up going to your right.
h- Moves up to two spaces vertically or moves one space right with the option of taking up to three steps as a mini-rose starting right and going down if it does.
e- Moves up to two spaces as a rook to the side.  If it went two, it can go up or down up to two spaces, but it can only go down if it went left.  Then if it went all the way, it can go up to two spaces in the direction opposite the first.
s- Moves like a wazir sideways.  Then it can take up to two steps up if it moved left, or down if it moved right.  If it went two steps, it can then move up to two steps right if it started going left, and vice versa.

Happy Face- Moves like an alfil upward or a knight or dababa downward.
Heart- Moves up to five steps like a mini-rose that starts going diagonally  up.  If all were taken, it can continue up to two squares in the direction of its last step.
Peace Sign- Moves up to two squares straight up, or like a knight or alfil or (3,0) jumper, or takes one step diagonally downward.

Also, each letter capitalizes on the opponent's first rank (i.e. where a pawn would promote).  Capital letters can always slide to the left, one square each turn, and capture anything there.  This counts as your move, and you can call it "Backspacing"
C- Moves up or down as a rook.  If it reached the edge, it can then move as a rook to the right.
H- Moves as a sideways rook.  If it reached the edge, it can then move as a vertical rook.
E- Moves up, down, or right as a rook.  If it moved vertically and reached the edge, it move as a Rook to the right.
S- Moves sideways as a rook.  If it reached the edge, it may move down (if it went right) or up (if it went left).  Then if it reaches the corner, it may move in the opposite direction that it started.


You win by capturing your opponent's Heart, his Happy Face, or his Peace Sign.  No castling.


None to speak of.

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By Daniel Robert MacDuff.
Web page created: 2013-07-13. Web page last updated: 2013-07-13