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This page is written by the game's inventor, (zzo38) A. Black.

Hit-point Chess


The setup is like in normal chess. Each piece starts with 30 hit-points.


Pieces are the same as normal chess, except that there is no en-passant, and that queens are now Healers (still notated by Q).

Pawns may promote only to rook,knight,bishop,no healer/queen.

Pawn does 4 damage, rook/knight/bishop each does 3 damage, king does 2 damage, healer does 1 damage.

Healer moves one space any direction (like the king), but it may make a healing move. This is made like a attacking move, but you heal the target by 3 hit-points (if it makes the total greater than 30 then set to 30 instead). A healer cannot heal itself.


Like FIDE chess, with these differences:

  1. No check/mate. Lose if you have no king or if you have no legal moves.
  2. No en-passant.
  3. No capture by displacement.
  4. After a piece moves, it may attack a piece orthogonally adjacent to it (of any color). The amount of damage it does (P=4,R=3,N=3,B=3,K=2,Q=1) is deducted from the target's hit-points. If this reduces the target's hit-points to zero or less, the target piece is removed from the board.
  5. Pawns may not promote to Q. A pawn that promotes does not regenerate all its hit-points.
  6. A pawn attacks by moving diagonally forward to a vacant space, which must have a piece (of any color) orthogonally adjacent to the cell you moved to, select one and you must attack that one. A pawn that doesn't attack moves only forward.
  7. A pawn attacking and promoting on the same turn does 4 damage (not 3 damage).
  8. Any move that isn't attacking or castling causes the moved piece to lose 1 hit-point. (Healing moves also make the healer lose 1 hit-point). After a piece moves if it has zero hit-points left it is removed from the board. If you remove your own king in this way you lose the game.
  9. You must move before attacking, you may not stand still and attack.

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By (zzo38) A. Black.
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