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This page is written by the game's inventor, Abdul-Rahman Sibahi.

Grand House

The idea of Bughouse and Crazyhouse applied to other variants than traditional chess has difinitely occured to many people and CV inventors . Yet, adopting Grand Chess (with its complicated promotion rules) can be alittle difficult. This is my try.

Two games are described in this article : Grand Bughouse and Grand Crazyhouse.


Two Grand Chess sets are used exclusively.


Grand Bughouse:

All rules of Bughouse apply except as follows :

1. The boards and pieces are those of Grand Chess.

2. When a player makes a capture, the captured pieced is placed in his player's reserve, in a place accessable by all players. (An observer may be there to prevent players from cheating.)

3. When a pawn promotes, it only promotes to a piece held by your opponent's partner (OP for short) i.e. pieces captured from you. The piece is taken from him and replaced by a pawn.

4. To promote a pawn, the player first places the piece on the destination square first, then takes the pawn to put it in the OP's reserve.

5. When a promoted piece is captured, it doesn't demote to a pawn.

6. If the OP doesn't hold any pieces the pawn can't move to the 10th rank (though it still gives check.)

7. In case a player wanted to promote a pawn to a piece and his OP wanted to drop the same piece at the same time, the player who touches the piece first has the right to use it.

8. Pawns can't be dropped on the 1st or 10th ranks, and don't have the option to promote immediately when dropped on the 8th or the 9th, (not unlike Shogi.) They, however can promote in the next move.

Grand Crazyhouse :

All rules of Crazyhouse apply, except as follows :

1. like above.

2. The promotion rules are all as above, except that the player takes pieces from his opponent's reserve.

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By Abdul-Rahman Sibahi.
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