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This page is written by the game's inventor, Florin Lupusoru.

Gaugamela Chess

Asymmetric battle formation was always used against overwhelming enemy forces. Three such battles are the most famous in ancient times: Tegyra, Gaugamela, and Pharsalus. Of the three, Gaugamela is the only royal battle, and one of the most famous of ancient times. 

While searching the internet, I stumbled upon a very curious and obscure chess variant that got my attention. I immediately realised its potential and decided to bring it to perfection. It is called "Fortress Chess" and has a setup that placed both Kings on the right corner of each player, behind a row of three additional Pawns. 


Gaugamela Chess has the following battle formation:

It mirrors the famous battle mentioned above, with the Kings and the Cavalry on the right side of each player. 


Each player has four extra Pawns placed on the third rank, on their right side. 


All chess rules apply. There is no castling. 


Gaugamela Chess, together with Scramble and Trafalgar Chess is the third of my games that can be played against Stockfish. One only has to go on Board Editor and set up the right starting position. 

This is the original setup for "Fortress Chess". 

Note: The "Fortress Chess" posted on this website is a completely different game.

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