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This page is written by the game's inventor, Jordan Lampe.


Froghouse is a great chess variation for 6 players.

It is like Bughouse except each team has a Black, White, and Green set of pieces.  Green goes "in between", which means it goes after white but before
black (in terms of first move).

When you capture an opponent's piece, you pass it to your right, as your teammate on the right will have the color of your opponent.


We have played with:
Black - Green - White
White - Black - Green

5 minute time control (standard bug)


2 black sets, 2 white sets, 2 green sets.
3 boards, 3 clocks.


See above - it's bughouse with an extra color.


For the inaugural froghouse games, Jordan 3d printed chess pieces and then filled them with ball bearings (covered with sticky felt) to get the weight right.

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By Jordan Lampe.
Web page created: 2015-05-26. Web page last updated: 2015-05-26