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This page is written by the game's inventor, Travis Z.

Expanded Chinese Chess

Expanded Chinese Chess utilizes the same game concepts found in standard Chinese Chess. However, the board has been expanded lengthwise and two new pieces have been added. Each side now has 4 additional pieces.


Set up is the exact same, except for the new row which is behind the chariots, horses, elephants, advisors, and king. A Dragon begins on each back corner, and the Javelins begin behind the Elephants. Otherwise, the same Chinese Chess setup is used, as well as rules.


All pieces move the exact same as in standard Chinese Chess however there are two new pieces.

1. The Javelin - Moves and takes by moving any number of spaces diagonally. It cannot jump.

2. The Dragon - Moves exactly 4 spaces in any direction (Horizontally, Vertically, Diagonally). It must move 4. It cannot move less than 4 or more than 4. It can jump.


All of the rules are exactly the same as in standard Chinese Chess.


The goal of this expansion was to add some complexity to the game, yet to keep the same fundamental aspects such as defensive units, offensive units, and game balance.

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By Travis Z.
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