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The Chess Variant Pages

This page is written by the game's inventor, Daniel MacDuff.

Drunken Fist Chess

This game is all about conquering (or embracing) chaos.  I have not playtested it, nor do I have any clue how I would do so.  However, it is a concept I would like to introduce.


Same as FIDE Chess.


Same as FIDE chess.


This game plays exactly like chess, with the following difference:

On player's alternating turns, they do not choose their move.  Rather, a random move from the lost of all possible LEGAL moves, is made.  This may or may not entail capture (including en passant), check or checkmate (and thus victory), draw, castling, or promotion (the piece promoted to is randomly chosen as well).  On turns when players do move, they have full choice of their move within FIDE rules.

White moves randomly first.  Then black chooses, white chooses, black moves randomly, etc.:

1. White random
1... Black chooses
2. White chooses
2... Black random
3. White random
3... Black chooses
And so on...


The name comes from the style of kung fu, which has always struck me as an alternate approach as opposed to rigid, upright balance.  This game requries that you factor in the chaos that can happen.  It is, of course, very much a game of luck, but still predominantly one of skill.

Games that would be fun with drunken fist rules:
Ralph Betza's Wand Chess
Existentialist Chess
Pocket Mutation Chess
Progressive Chess Variants (played where randomness or choice is applied to blocks of moves rather than individual ones)

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By Daniel Robert MacDuff.
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