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This page is written by the game's inventor, (zzo38) A. Black.

Droppable Xiangqi

This variant of Xiangqi is inspired by a comment.


Pieces setup same as normal Xiangqi game, and all having the same movements, too.

In this game, the 象 is considered to be a different kind of piece than the 相, and the 卒 is a different kind of piece than the 兵. However, 士 and 仕 is considered the same kind of pieces. It is as follows:


Normal Xiangqi rules applies except as following:

  1. When you capture opponent's piece you put it in front of you so you can later drop it on the board similar as shogi.
  2. Instead of moving, you may drop a piece in front of you, onto the board on any vacant cell of your choice. It becomes your own piece.
  3. Each player can drop pieces only up to sixteen times per game.
  4. It is not allowed to drop causing checkmate (but causing check is allowed).
  5. It is not allowed to drop blocking check.
  6. 象 can be dropped only on black side of the board.
  7. 相 can be dropped only on red side of the board.
  8. 士 and 仕 must be dropped on the diagonals of palace, but you can drop in either palace.
  9. Pieces 將 and 帥 if captured ends the game so they cannot be dropped onto the board.
  10. Other pieces can be dropped anywhere.


You may use pieces which have red one side black on other side (or other two colors if you wish), with the same character written on both sides of a piece.

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