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This page is written by the game's inventor, Vitya Makov.

Different Pawns Random Chess


The initial position of the pawns is chosen randomly.


In general, the game follows the rules of the venerable standard chess.

Standard Pawn
Moves straight forward, captures diagonally forwards.

Super Pawn
Moves in four orthogonal directions. Captures like a ferz.

Chinese Pawn
Moves and captures 1 square forward. On the enemy half of board can move and capture sidewise.

Sergeant Pawn
Moves and captures one square forward or diagonally forward.

Shogi Pawn
Moves and captures only straight forward like wazir.

Up-Down Pawn
Standard Pawn that can also move backward.

Berolina Pawn
Moves diagonally forward and captures straight forward like wazir.

Shatranj Pawn
Like Standard Pawn but has no initial doublestep.

Pawns that may make an initial doublestep: Standard, Super, Up-Down, Berolina. 

Promotion is like standard chess by reaching the last row for all pawns.


You can play this game via Game Courier:

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