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This page is written by the game's inventor, (zzo38) A. Black.

Copper, Silver, Gold: An Indestructible Metallic Alloy


There are three possible setups:

Board 1:

(Bench: 3 wildcards each)

Board 2:

(Bench: 3 wildcards each)

Board 3:

(Bench: 1 wildcard each)


P (Pawn): Move one space straight forward. Promote to Q.

Q (Completed Pawn): Move one space orthogonal.

W (Wildcard): Move one space straight forward or one space diagonal forward. Promote to D, T, or H. When you do promote, you must replace remove this piece from the game and put the proper piece on the board promoted side up (so when captured, reverts to C, S, or G, not to W).

C (Copper): One space straight forward, one space diagonally forward, or one space straight backward. Promote to D.

S (Silver): One space straight forward, or one space diagonal (forward or backward). Promote to T.

G (Gold): One space straight forward, one space diagonally forward, one space left/right, or one space straight backward. Promote to H.

D (Copper Dragon): Any distance straight forward, diagonally forward, or straight backward; or one space any direction.

T (Silver Dragon): Any distance straight forward, or any diagonal direction; or one space any direction.

H (Gold Dragon): Any distance straight forward, diagonally forward, left/right, or straight backward; or one space any direction.

J (Jumper): Two space orthogonal (allowed to jump), two space diagonal (no jump), or as Chinese horse (no jump). Cannot promote.

Z (Chinese Cannon, or Zhonghua Cannon): Same as Chinese cannon. This is the only kind of piece with different capturing/non-capturing move. Cannot promote.

K (King): One space in any direction. Cannot promote. See rules for additional information about king.


Rules mostly follow like chess/shogi. Here is the list of other rules for this game:
  1. If your king is captured, you lose.
  2. If you have no legal moves, you lose.
  3. Repeating a previous position is not allowed (previous position also included all pieces on bench).
  4. Captured pieces switch side and go to your bench, and if they are promoted, becomes unpromoted. You are not allowed to capture anything other than kings if your bench is full of 27 pieces.
  5. You can, as a turn, drop any piece from your bench onto the board in a vacant space. You are not allowed to drop pawn into a column already containing one of your unpromoted pawn, but it is permitted to cause checkmate by dropping a pawn, and it is permitted to drop to somewhere that it is impossible to move from.
  6. Promotion is upon moving into any square in last 4 rows. Dropping a piece does not cause it to promote immediately. Promotion does not occur if you moved out of the promotion zone. Promotion is always optional, even if you move to a space where it is impossible to move from.
  7. If you have a copper, silver, gold, all three of which are owned by you, together in one horizontal, vertical, or diagonal line, in any order, with any combination of promoted/unpromoted, with nothing in between, then none of them can be captured.
  8. The kings are not allowed to look at each other. (That means it is not allowed to make the move such that both kings are in one orthogonal or diagonal line with nothing in between.)
  9. If playing with Board 3, you are not allowed to make your king entirely surrounded by your own pieces and/or edge of board. (This rule does not apply with Board 1 and Board 2 setup.)


Copper, Silver, Gold: an Indestructible Metallic Alloy is the title of a book written by Egbert B. Gebstadter. The copper/silver/gold dragons first appear in the game Ryu Shogi. Zillions file download.

Here is two example plays (where the t,u,v,x,y,z are bench areas; where Red is the first player and Cyan is the second player):

VariantName=Copper, Silver, Gold: An Indestructible Metallic Alloy (board 1)
1. Pawn f3 - f4
1. Pawn a7 - a6
2. Pawn f4 - f5
2. Pawn i7 - i6
3. Pawn d3 - d4
3. Pawn i6 - i5
4. Pawn d4 - d5
4. Pawn e7 - e6
5. Wildcard x1 - i6
5. Wildcard t9 - d4
6. Wildcard y1 - d2
6. Wildcard v9 - h5
7. Wildcard z1 - i7
7. Pawn i5 - i4 = CompletedPawn
8. Wildcard i7 x h8 Red Zcannon x1 = CopperDragon on h8
8. Zcannon b8 x h8 Cyan Copper v9
9. Zcannon h2 - i2
9. CompletedPawn i4 x i3 Cyan Pawn t9
10. Jumper i1 x i3 Red Pawn y1
10. Wildcard u9 - i4
11. Jumper i3 - g5
11. Pawn g7 - g6
12. Jumper g5 - i5
12. Pawn h7 - h6
13. Pawn y1 - i3
13. Wildcard i4 x h3 Cyan Pawn u9 = CopperDragon on h3
14. Jumper i5 x h3 Red Copper y1
14. Wildcard h5 - h4 = GoldDragon
15. Jumper h3 - i1
15. Copper v9 - f4
16. Copper y1 - g4
16. GoldDragon h4 x g4 Cyan Copper v9
17. Pawn g3 x g4 Red Gold y1
17. Copper f4 x f5 Cyan Pawn v8
18. Wildcard e2 - f3
18. Wildcard e8 - e7
19. Wildcard i6 - i7 = CopperDragon
19. Jumper i9 x i7 Cyan Copper u8
20. Zcannon i2 x i7 Red Jumper z1
20. Silver c9 - d8
21. Pawn e3 - e4
21. Wildcard e7 - f6
22. Gold y1 - g7
22. Copper u8 - e3
23. Gold g7 x h8 Red Zcannon y1
23. Copper e3 x d2 Cyan Wildcard u8 = CopperDragon on d2
24. King e1 x d2 Red Copper x2
24. Silver g9 x h8 Cyan Gold t8
25. Zcannon x1 - a4
25. Gold t8 - e3
26. King d2 - e1
26. Wildcard d4 x c3 Cyan Pawn t8 = CopperDragon on c3
27. Copper x2 - d2
27. Gold e3 x f3 Cyan Wildcard v7 = GoldDragon on f3
28. Copper d2 x c3 Red Copper x1
28. GoldDragon f3 x c3 Cyan Copper u7
29. Gold d1 - d2
29. Copper f5 x e4 Cyan Pawn t7 = CopperDragon on e4
30. Zcannon y1 - e2
30. Copper v9 - a5
31. Gold d2 x c3 Red Gold y1
31. Copper a5 x a4 Cyan Zcannon v9 = CopperDragon on a4
32. Zcannon i7 x d7 Red Pawn x2
32. CopperDragon a4 x b3 Cyan Pawn v6
33. Jumper a1 x b3 Red Copper y2
33. Silver d8 x d7 Cyan Zcannon u6
34. Jumper z1 - e7
34. King e9 - e8
35. Jumper e7 x c7 Red Pawn z1
35. Jumper a9 x c7 Cyan Jumper t6
36. Zcannon b2 x b7 Red Pawn z2
36. CopperDragon e4 x e2 Cyan Zcannon v5
37. Gold f1 x e2 Red Copper x3
37. Wildcard f6 - f5
38. Copper y2 - f3
38. Silver d7 - c6
39. Gold y1 - b6
39. Silver c6 x b7 Cyan Zcannon u5
40. Gold b6 x b7 Red Silver y1 = GoldDragon on b7
40. Copper b9 - c8
41. GoldDragon b7 - c6
41. King e8 - f8
42. Pawn d5 - d6 = CompletedPawn
42. Pawn e6 - e5
43. Copper x3 - e3
43. Copper h9 - g8
44. Jumper i1 - g3
44. Jumper t6 - h3
45. Copper e3 - d4
45. Wildcard f5 - e4 = GoldDragon
46. Silver g1 - f2
46. Copper u7 - f4
47. Copper f3 x f4 Red Copper y2
47. GoldDragon e4 x f4 Cyan Copper u7
48. Copper h1 - g2
48. GoldDragon f4 x g3 Cyan Jumper t6
49. Silver f2 x g3 Red Gold x3
49. Jumper h3 - h5
50. Silver g3 - h4
50. Pawn e5 - e4 = CompletedPawn
51. Copper d4 - c5
51. Jumper h5 - f6
52. Pawn g4 - g5
52. Pawn g6 x g5 Cyan Pawn t5
53. Silver h4 x g5 Red Pawn y3
53. Wildcard u8 - e3
54. Gold e2 - f3
54. Wildcard v7 - e2
55. Silver g5 x f6 Red Jumper z3
55. Wildcard e2 x e1

VariantName=Copper, Silver, Gold: An Indestructible Metallic Alloy (board 3)
1. Zcannon a3 x a9 Red Zcannon y1
1. Zcannon i7 x i1 Cyan Zcannon u9
2. CopperDragon h1 x i1 Red Zcannon z1
2. CopperDragon b9 x a9 Cyan Zcannon t9
3. Zcannon a1 x a9 Red Copper x2
3. Zcannon i9 x i1 Cyan Copper v8
4. Copper b3 - c4
4. Wildcard v9 - h5
5. Silver c3 - d4
5. Zcannon t9 - e6
6. Zcannon y1 - e4
6. Copper v8 - b4
7. Gold f3 - f4
7. Gold f7 - g6
8. Wildcard x1 - a6
8. Copper b7 x a6 Cyan Wildcard v9
9. Zcannon a9 x a6 Red Copper x1
9. Wildcard v9 - a4
10. Zcannon a6 x g6 Red Gold y1
10. GoldDragon d9 x g6 Cyan Zcannon v9
11. Copper x2 - e5
11. Zcannon e6 x e4 Cyan Zcannon t9
12. Gold d3 x e4 Red Zcannon x2
12. Zcannon u9 - b6
13. Zcannon z1 - a9
13. Zcannon t9 - d9
14. Zcannon a9 x a4 Red Wildcard z1
14. CopperDragon h9 - i9
15. Silver c2 - d3
15. CopperDragon i9 x i3 Cyan Zcannon u9
16. Copper x1 - f5
16. Zcannon b6 x b2 Cyan Copper t9
17. Copper f5 x g6 Red Gold x1 = CopperDragon on g6
17. Silver g7 x g6 Cyan Copper v8
18. SilverDragon c1 x b2 Red Zcannon y2
18. Copper t9 - a3
19. SilverDragon b2 x b4 Red Copper z2
19. Copper a3 x a4 Cyan Zcannon t9 = CopperDragon on a4
20. SilverDragon b4 x a4 Red Copper x3
20. Zcannon t9 - b2
21. CopperDragon b1 x b2 Red Zcannon y3
21. Zcannon u9 - b9
22. CopperDragon b2 - c2
22. Copper v8 - i2
23. Copper h2 x i3 Red Copper z3
23. Copper i2 x i3 Cyan Copper u9 = CopperDragon on i3
24. SilverDragon a4 x a7 Red Zcannon x4
24. Copper b8 x a7 Cyan Silver t9
25. Zcannon x4 - h2
25. Silver t9 - b4
26. Copper x3 - d5
26. Copper u9 - b2
27. CopperDragon c2 x b2 Red Copper x3
27. Zcannon b9 x b2 Cyan Copper u9
28. Copper x3 - e6
28. CopperDragon i3 x h2 Cyan Zcannon t9
29. Copper e6 x e7 Red Jumper x3 = CopperDragon on e7
29. Gold d8 x e7 Cyan Copper v8
30. Silver g3 x h2 Red Copper x4
30. Copper u9 - i2
31. Silver h2 x i1 Red Zcannon y4
31. Copper i2 x i1 Cyan Silver u9 = CopperDragon on i1
32. Copper x4 - b5
32. Silver u9 - a5
33. Copper b5 x b4 Red Silver x4
33. Silver a5 x b4 Cyan Copper u9 = SilverDragon on b4
34. Silver x4 - f5
34. Silver g6 x f5 Cyan Silver u8
35. Gold e4 x f5 Red Silver x4
35. Copper u9 - h4
36. Copper h3 x h4 Red Copper z4
36. Wildcard h5 x h4 Cyan Copper u9 = GoldDragon on h4
37. Silver x4 - c3
37. Copper u9 - b3
38. Silver c3 x b2 Red Zcannon x4
38. Copper b3 x b2 Cyan Silver u9 = CopperDragon on b2
39. Zcannon x4 - g3
39. Zcannon t9 - g7
40. Zcannon y4 - c2
40. Silver u9 - b3
41. Zcannon c2 x c7 Red Silver x4
41. Silver c8 x c7 Cyan Zcannon u9
42. Silver x4 - c1
42. Zcannon u9 - a1
43. Copper z4 - b1
43. GoldDragon h4 x f4 Cyan Gold u9
44. Gold f5 x f4 Red Gold x4
44. Gold u9 - h4
45. Copper b1 x b2 Red Copper y4
45. Silver b3 x b2 Cyan Copper u9 = SilverDragon on b2
46. Gold x4 - c2
46. SilverDragon b2 x c2 Cyan Gold t9
47. Silver d3 x c2 Red Silver x4
47. Gold h4 x g3 Cyan Zcannon t8
48. Gold f2 x g3 Red Gold z4
48. Gold t9 - b2
49. Silver x4 - i2
49. Gold b2 x c1 Cyan Silver t9 = GoldDragon on c1
50. Copper y4 - d8
50. King e9 x d8 Cyan Copper v7
51. Gold z4 - c3
51. CopperDragon i1 x i2 Cyan Silver u7
52. Gold c3 x b4 Red Silver x4
52. Silver t9 - h2
53. SilverDragon g1 x h2 Red Silver y4
53. CopperDragon i2 x h2 Cyan Silver t9
54. Silver x4 - b1
54. Copper u9 - b2
55. Silver b1 x b2 Red Copper x4
55. GoldDragon c1 x b2 Cyan Silver u9
56. GoldDragon d1 x a1 Red Zcannon z4
56. GoldDragon b2 x a1 Cyan Gold t7
57. Silver y4 - d1
57. Silver u9 - b2
58. Copper x4 - b7
58. Silver t9 - h5
59. Zcannon z4 - f6
59. Zcannon t8 - i3
60. Jumper x3 - h3
60. Silver u8 - i2
61. Jumper h3 x h5 Red Silver x3
61. CopperDragon h2 x h5 Cyan Jumper u9
62. Silver x3 - g4
62. Jumper u9 - c1
63. King e1 - e2
63. Zcannon v9 - h2
64. Zcannon y3 - f2
64. Zcannon h2 x f2 Cyan Zcannon v9
65. King e2 x f2 Red Zcannon x3
65. Zcannon v9 - h2
66. King f2 - g1
66. Zcannon i3 x e3 Cyan Jumper v9
67. Silver g4 x h5 Red Copper y3
67. Gold e7 x f6 Cyan Zcannon u9
68. Copper e5 x f6 Red Gold x4 = CopperDragon on f6
68. Zcannon u9 - e7
69. King g1 x h2 Red Zcannon y4
69. Copper v8 - i3
70. King h2 - g1
70. Gold t7 - h2
71. King g1 - f2
71. Gold h2 x g2 Cyan Silver u9
72. GoldDragon f1 x g2 Red Gold z4
72. Zcannon g7 x g2 Cyan Gold t9
73. Gold d2 x e3 Red Zcannon x5
73. Jumper c1 x e3 Cyan Gold v8
74. CopperDragon f6 x e7 Red Zcannon y5
74. King d8 x e7 Cyan Copper u8
75. Silver d4 x e3 Red Jumper z5
75. Silver u9 - a3
76. King f2 x g2 Red Zcannon x6
76. Silver a3 x b4 Cyan Gold u9 = SilverDragon on b4
77. Zcannon x5 - e2
77. Gold t9 - e6
78. Copper d5 x e6 Red Gold x5
78. Gold d7 x e6 Cyan Copper t9
79. Zcannon e2 x e6 Red Gold y6
79. King e7 x e6 Cyan Zcannon t8
80. Zcannon x6 - c5
80. Gold u9 - h2
81. King g2 - f1
81. SilverDragon b4 x c4 Cyan Copper u9
82. Gold x5 - d3
82. SilverDragon c4 x c5 Cyan Zcannon t7
83. Gold y6 - e5
83. King e6 - d7
84. Zcannon y5 - d2
84. Copper t9 - d5
85. Gold e5 x d5 Red Copper x5
85. SilverDragon c5 x d5 Cyan Gold t9
86. Zcannon d2 x d5 Red Silver y5
86. Zcannon d9 x d5 Cyan Zcannon v6
87. Copper x5 - d4
87. Copper u9 - g2
88. King f1 - f2
88. Gold t9 - f1
89. King f2 - f3
89. Jumper v9 - e1
90. Jumper z5 - e2
90. Copper g2 x g3 Cyan Gold v9 = CopperDragon on g3
91. King f3 - e4
91. CopperDragon g3 x f4 Cyan Gold u9
92. Silver e3 x f4 Red Copper x5
92. Gold u9 - f5
93. Silver f4 x f5 Red Gold z5
93. Zcannon d5 x h5 Cyan Silver u9
94. Copper x5 - e6
94. King d7 - d6
95. Silver y5 - c8
95. Gold v9 - g3
96. Silver c8 x c9 Red Silver x5
96. GoldDragon f9 x c9 Cyan Silver v9
97. Jumper e2 x g3 Red Gold y5
97. Jumper e1 x g3 Cyan Jumper t9
98. Silver x5 - f3
98. Silver u9 - g2
99. Gold y5 - d7
99. Silver g2 x f3 Cyan Silver u9
100. Gold d7 x d6

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