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Complete Chess

This variant is based on Wildebeest Chess, which has a riding and a leaping piece family, both logically constructed and symmetric to each other. Only the King does not fit in perfectly, he has moves in common with the riding family but not with the leapers. Here I construct the two families newly so that each contains pieces that have no move in common with the king, and also pieces that share moves with the king, while still both are constructed by the same pattern and are symmetric to each other, and also the king fits in symmetrically.

The basis for the riding family is the rook, and for the leaping family it is the Wazir Knight. Both share the Wazir move with the King. By rotating their movement pattern by 45 degrees and prolonging it by sqrt(2) the Bishop and the Fers Camel (aka Wizard from Omega Chess) result. Removing the Wazir and Fers moves from these pieces gives the Scout, the Picket (known from Tamerlane Chess), the Knight and the Camel.

The game also contains the compound pieces from a piece with its rotated and prolonged counterpart, that is the Queen (Rook and Bishop), the Princess (Scout and Picket), the Lion (Wazir Knight and Wizard) and the Wildebeest (Knight and Camel). The Wazir and the Fers also exist separately, together with their compound, the Man. Each player has one of each compound and two each of the other pieces, plus one King, plus 12 pawns.

A Zillions of Games rule file is available.



The white pieces and setup positions and way of moving (if no orthodox piece) are given in the following table. The black pieces are set up symmetric to the white, mirrored at the line between rows 6 and 7.

Name Initial position Movement
Pawn a5 through l5 Like orthodox pawn but without double move
King g2
Wazir e4, h4 One step orthogonally
Fers f4, g4 One step diagonally
Man h2 Compound of wazir and fers
Scout e1, h1 Orthogonally 2 or more steps without leaping
Rook a1, l1
Picket d3, i3 Diagonally 2 or more steps without leaping
Bishop d2, i2
Knight b3, k3
Wazir Knight b2, k2 Compound of Wazir and Knight
Camel c3, j3 Same as in Wildebeest Chess; makes 1,3-leaps
Wizard c2, j2 Compound of Fers and Camel
Princess f3 Compound of Scout and Picket
Queen f2
Wildebeest e2 Compound of Knight and Camel
Lion g3 Compound of Wazir, Fers, Knight and Camel, which is also a compound of Man and Wildebeest.


Same as orthodox Chess except for the following differences:

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