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The Chess Variant Pages

This page is written by the game's inventor, Daniel MacDuff.

Chess Wars 2.1- Cyberwar

Story (Read aloud): Following the botched recon mission, White learns that a Black hacker is trying to compromise their central computer system.  They prep defenses, but will they be too late?



X represents nothing.


Rook- Firewall- Vertical Wazir, Horizontal Rook, captures all pieces in the squares orthogonally ahead of its movement path.
Knight- Anti-malware- Knight, captures all viruses in squares adjacent to his stopping point.
Bishop- Administrator- Moves as a Queen.
Queen- Motherboard- Never moves.  Automatically captures all non-Administrator pieces, friend or foe, adjacent to it.  Royal, capture loses the game.

Pawn- Virus- King, doesn't capture, but switches the sides of the victim by removing itself.
Rook- Overrider- King, pieces adjacent to it cannot move, but it has no capturing capabilities.
Knight- Trojan Horse- King, cannot capture, but can create four viruses on adjacent squares at the expense if its own existence


Black wins by destroying the motherboard, which, of course, can only be done by taking over an Administrator with a Virus.  White wins by destroying every black piece.

If White wins, continue with Chess Wars 3.1- Island Hopping.

If Black wins, continue with Chess Wars 3.2- One if by Land.

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By Daniel Robert MacDuff.
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