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The Chess Variant Pages

This page is written by the game's inventor, Daniel MacDuff.

Chess Wars 1- The Party

Story (Read aloud): Black is building a secret weapon.  White sends a scout party on horseback to meet with a man who claims that he knows something about this.  All of a sudden, the trap is revealed as men leap out of the bushes and blinding light shines down on the scouts.  It's an ambush!


Black selects whether he is working on the Terror Missile, the Killicopter, or the Plasma Gun.  These all have benefits if completed, but White will try to stop you every step of the way.
Put four white knights in the center and line the edges, excepts corners, with black pawns.
Put four black rooks in the corners.

Improvise if you don't have enough pieces, or use multiple sets.


White knights- Scout- Nightrider
Black pawns- Soldier- Man (King)
Black rooks- Watchtower- Doesn't move.  Can capture without moving as a King.  Can be adjusted instead of taking a regular turn.  Settings are all possible Rook, Bishop, and Nightrider lines.  Shines light in wherever it is adjusted.  Starts as a Bishop toward the other corner.


Black cannot see any square not adjacent to one of his men or watchtowers and not in the light from the watchtowers.  White can see every square (night vision goggles).
Black wins if he kills the scouting party or stalemates them.
White wins by either:
     -Killing the ambushes and destroying the watchtowers
     -Or moving one piece off the board by starting directly adjacent to the edge and simply leaving the board.

If Black won, continue with Chess Wars 2.1- Cyberwar

If White won, continue with Chess Wars 2.2- The Raid, and if he won by killing the ambushers, then read this segment first aloud:

A figure steps out of the same underbrush that had housed the soldiers.  "I had to make sure you could handle it." he says. "The weapon they are building is called the (Black must now name the weapon he chose).  I don't know anything else, except" he reaches in his pocket and pulls out a map "the layout of the lab where they're building it."


Chess War is BACK!!!  Prepare for rounds 3 and 4!

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By Daniel Robert MacDuff.
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