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This page is written by the game's inventor, John Smith.

Chess Dial


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Shogi board:

Xiang Qi board:

FIDE Chess board:


Same as Shogi, Xiang Qi, and FIDE Chess, except for the Grasshopper, which moves like a capturing Queen, but must move one extra square in the same direction.


The game starts in the either the Shogi, Xiang Qi, or FIDE Chess setting. Settings can be changed using various methods decided by players, such as when capturing, every 10 turns, and can be mandatory or not. Rules are the same as in respective games during those phases, except that you only win by capturing the enemy king, and there is no stalemate. Promotions in one game do not affect promotions in other games, and pieces in promotional context promote as usual. In the Xiang Qi setting, a palace is formed wherever the Generals and Advisors are at the start of the setting, centered for Generals, and out of the respective left or right corners for Advisors, adjusted to be within the board. Elephants are confined to whatever side of the board they are on.

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