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This page is written by the game's inventor, Abdul-Rahman Sibahi.

CGNP chess

This is a simple attempt to solve some of the problems of Grid Chess, which can produce magnificent games if it wasn't for the pawns huge immobility.

The name stands for "Cylindrical Grid kNightly Pawns". Sounded funny.


The standard setup on a standard chess board. But one should mark the grid lines, and remember that this is a cylindrical board.


All pieces move as they do in standard Cylindrical Grid Chess (which I know doesn't exist, but shouldn't be too difficult to figure out.)

Pawns, however, are replaced by Knightly Pawns, which move like a forward Ferz, but capture like a forward wide Knight.

For example, a pawn on e3, can move to d4, and capture on c4 and g4. From d4 it can go to e5, OR c5.

The double step is exactly that, two steps. The pawn on e2 can move to f3, and from there to g4. Or to d3, and from there to e5 (but it uses a different path from the standard pawn's.) The pawns may be captured en passant.

A sub-variant would be to use Knightolina Pawns, which are exactly the same pawns but also able to capture one square orthogonally forward.

Also, Mats Winther's Scorpions are interesting to use.


Other than what is noted above, the rules are the same as in Standard Chess.

It should be noted that, since this is a cylindrical board, Castling is not needed.


This variant is mostly inspired by Mats Winther's Scorpion Chess, where the pawns are standard pawns, but also can move as a Forward Wide Knight.

I also noticed that Berolina Pawns have great mobility on the Grid board, but not enough capturing power, so to speak. Which was the main reason for this pawn.

The Cylindrical board was introduced to mobile the two Rook pawns.

Grid Chess :

Cylindrical Chess :

Mats Winther's Scorpion Chess :

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By Abdul-Rahman Sibahi.
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