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This page is written by the game's inventor, Christine Bagley-Jones.

Capablanca Shatranj

'Capablanca Shatranj' plays just like 'Capablanca Chess' except the 'Chancellor' and 'Archbishop' are replaced by the 'Minister' and 'HighPriestess', and pawns can only promote to these pieces.

Everything else is normal chess, pawns have their 2 step first move and castling is allowed. All variants in the Capablanca family of games are featured.

At first the new pieces i was going to use were the Knight-Dabbaba and Knight-Alfil compound pieces but their pawn protection on opening set-up was not good enough. As it is now, the Minister and HighPriestess protect the same pawns on opening set-up as the Chancellor and Archbishop do.

This idea is very simple. Awhile ago i could see that the Chancellor and Archbishop could be 'shatranj-ized' into the Knight-Dabbaba and Knight-Alfil compound pieces. I hope i have presented it here in an interesting way. This game would never have come about without the influence of Joe Joyce. Thanks Joe :)

ok, have fun!! :)


Normal set-up of Capablanca Chess and all variants in this family, with the Chancellor and Archbishop replaced by the Minister and HighPriestess.

piece names from original games:

bird's - guard equerry grotesque - guard equerry

capablanca - chancellor archbishop gothic - chancellor archbishop aberg's - chancellor archbishop optimized - chancellor archbishop

embassy - marshall cardinal ladorean - marshall cardinal

univers - marshal paladin schoolbook - marshal archbishop

janus - 'janus' (archbishop) - no chancellor new chancellor - chancellor - no archbishop flanking archbishops - archbishop - no chancellor


piece set-ups based on these games

Bird's Chess Capablanca Chess Gothic Chess Aberg's Chess Optimized Chess 8H x 10W (M1 & M2) Embassy Chess Grotesque Chess Univers Chess Ladorean Chess Schoolbook New Chancellor Chess Flanking Archbishops Janus Chess


Queen, Rook, Bishop and Knight plus the following 2 pieces


Standard rules + pawns can only promote to Minister or HighPriestess

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