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More recent ratings

3D chess from Star Trek - Rules
21 Oct 2000 Good This is an awesome sight, but you don't list where you can purchase a 3d Star Trek chess board. If you have any information on where to purchase one, please e-mail me back with the information at (email removed contact us for address) Thank you and live long & prosper!!!
1 Nov 2000 None These sets can usually be found on ebay (
Abstract Chessset from Poland
An Illustrated Guide to Ultima Pieces
2 Oct 2000 Excellent An excellent page in an excellent site, well organised, with very good material selection. Most enjoyable. Thank you for your effort.
Arena Chess
15 Aug 2000 Excellent A very concise reworking of basic chess into 32-turn aggravation!
Beau Monde Chess
23 Oct 2000 Excellent No comment.
18 Oct 2000 None Does an opponent's piece moving through an adjacent square to the Immobilizer become immobilized? Can the Coordinator jump ove a piece to land on the Bomb, or must it move to the Bomb's square from an adjacent square? I very much enjoy the game!!!
Building Your Own Star Trek Tridimensional Chess Board
24 Sep 2000 Good
23 Feb 2001 Poor
6 Dec 2000 Good
2 Nov 2000 Excellent I've never been to a site with so much info on chess....i mean wow this is a really good site and im a huge chess fan
26 Sep 2000 Good
Chess2 ~ A New Game of Chess for a New Generation of Players © Robert J. Tiess
14 Sep 2000Poor No comment.
An applet: Chess Squares Trainer
28 Dec 2000 Good
ASCII Chess Pieces
8 Feb 2001 Excellent i was looking for a chess related ascii signature file, and bingo, what excellent stuff you have here!
Chess 3D
12 Dec 2000 Good
Chess And Physics
18 Feb 2001 Poor
Chess on a 12 by 12 board
13 Dec 2000 Good Actually this game is very similar to chess on infinite size board which is regular chess played on infinite sized board with a stipulation that For Each piece there exist another piece that is within 8 spaces away, put it another way for each piece there is a 8x8 square that includes at least another piece in it. And the pawn rule is changed to that pawns can promote if it is on a rank beyond which (in the forward direction) there is no opponent pieces. In practice, of course this game does not really need a infinite sized board but a ever changing board.
Chinese Chess cards
3 Oct 2000Poor These cards are available in different kinds in any Chinese or South-East Asiatic store in big European cities (at least London, Paris, Brussels, etc.). The games are not related to chess but to rummy-like games. More soon. Thierry Depaulis, Paris (playing-card collector, member of the Council of the International Playing-Card Society) (email removed contact us for address)
Christian Freeling's Grand Chess
2 Jan 2001 Excellent I'd rate both the site and the game as excellent, the site because the comments at the top prompted me to try the game, which has become my preferred form of chess. I haven't seen a zillions file for this; I wrote one myself which works fine except for the limited promotion rule -- given the current Zillions language, FIDE type promtion to any piece is easy, promotion restricted to previously captured pieces would be tedious to code.
27 Oct 2000 Good has it anything to do with real chess?? i like the pics, but do not understand the meaning... would you give me an explanation?
20 Sep 2000 Excellent
Convergent Chess
9 Oct 2000 None Rather like an entry I created but forgot to submit (oops). My entry allowed for pawns to promote upon reaching the rearmost two squares, and had some new pawn moves to allow the outer pawns to get there. Additionally, I created a new pawn move called a "side sac" which a pawn may capture an opposing pawn to its left or right if the square behind the opposing pawn is vacant, but upon performing such a capture it is removed from the game as well. This helped considerably to open up the center of the board when the pawns got gridlocked.
Dead Square
25 Sep 2000 Good A fun variant..But doesent the No En Passant violate the spirit of the game?
11 Aug 2000 Excellent Concise.
Dragonchess - rules
7 Dec 2000 Excellent I had a friend in college that had a 3d chess game. He built it and played it acc to rules from a magazine. It was a beautifull set, wood frame, etched glass boards, and hand painted pewter figurines. I've been looking for some time for a copy of this information for some time, and I was thrilled to find your site with almost everything I need right there.

I'm wondering you happen to have the diagrams for building the set? Of course, I'm assuming those diagrams were actually in the magazine and that he didn't come up with the board setup himself.

Duggan's Fantasy Chess
24 Aug 2000 Poor *wry grin* As the creator of this variant, I feel justified in giving a poor rating to it. *shrug* It was an interesting game when I first started playing, back in middle school, but, like my ex-girlfriend, it has serious issues =p I'm thinking that the situation may be fixable if I shuffle around the pieces or tweak them a little, perhaps even change the size of the board. Any suggestions (those already made by Robert J. Jr. Mate are greatly appreciated) would be appreciated. Sure, I originally made it as kind of a joke, but it has sentimental value. I can give a more detailed description of where I believe the faults to be if anyone wishes to email me and ask. Sean Duggan (email removed contact us for address)
Eight-Stone Chess Pictures
12 Nov 2000 Good Better pictures would be nice. The old ones are fine though. Thanks!
14 Sep 2000None I played this game when I was still in school and enjoyed it better than Chess.
Generic Chess Piece Creation System
13 Sep 2000 Excellent I wish the author had said a word or two on the method by which the costs of the modifications were obtained. Also, the size of the board ought to have been stated; unlimited sliding (infinite repetition) is obviously worth a good deal more in Jupiter or Tenjiku than it is in Orthochess. --Ivan A Derzhanski <(email removed contact us for address)>
Hex Shogi
14 Nov 2000 Excellent Congratulations on coming up with something new. This is a great idea. And excellently presented. Perhaps you could also come up with a hex version of Xiangqi.
17 Dec 2000 Good
Judkin's Shogi
15 Feb 2001 Poor
Index: Small Chess Variants
3 Nov 2000 None We'll work on a page for Martin Gardner's Miniature Chess. In the meantime, here's a link to Ed Friedlander's java applet that plays this game. --D. Howe
31 Oct 2000 Excellent Just wondering if you can put the rules for Martin Gardner's Miniature Chess up, if possible. Awesome website!
15 Aug 2000 Excellent David, Have you considered joining the Kregen List, devoted to the Dray Prescot Saga and the works of Ken Bulmer (Alan Burt Akers)? We even have a guy who loves to play Jikaida ! Steve Servello
26 Aug 2000 Poor No comment.
3 Aug 2000 Excellent No comment.
Illustrated rules of chess
7 Feb 2001 Excellent
25 Dec 2000 Excellent
26 Nov 2000 Excellent Great summary of the rules for one, like myself, who is dusting off childhood chess skills. I don't think I ever knew about taking pawns en passant. Thanks. Jim
19 Nov 2000 Excellent
12 Nov 2000 Excellent
7 Nov 2000 Good
26 Oct 2000 Excellent this page is very informational and was very helpful. THANK YOU. FLEE FORTY
9 Oct 2000None I found this page to be very useful and would like to thank you for the help that I received. I believe, although, that you have misworded the section describing castling in that I believe you gave the wrong square coordinates corresponding with the examples. Thank you and God bless.
5 Oct 2000Poor this sucks alot not the web page but chess. Laterz
13 Sep 2000Excellent I found this very helpful. I am a beginner and have been on several different sites which had pages of moves listed like, 1. e4, etc. This is the first site I've found that showed that every square on the board has an alpha-numeric designignation. Thanks for the clarification. John S.
23 Aug 2000 Excellent One comment on the castling rule. The conditions for castling do not prohibit castling with a newly-promoted rook on the e-file! I believe that the Laws of Chess have added the stipulation that "the rook and the king are on the same rank".
22 Aug 2000 Poor i dont think there should be allowed two queens on a board. i this should be so becuase when you get a pawn to the end of the board it is to get back a piece that was killed. if the queen was not dead, you can not get it back and therefore can not have 2 queens on the board at the same time.!!!!!!! so ha!!
20 Aug 2000 Good No comment.
18 Aug 2000 Excellent I needed the rukes for an eight year old.... I found this version to be informative and easy to understand...
9 Aug 2000 Good No comment.
Interview with Darren Izzard
12 Dec 2000 Excellent
Link to: Gothic Chess
12 Dec 2000 Excellent Nicely done! Curt, informative, and interesting. I must say, this variant (Gothic Chess) really appears to hold promise as a valid evolutionary transition from the current 64 square arrangement.
5 Dec 2000 Excellent
29 Nov 2000 Excellent I've been hearing a lot about Capablanca/Gothic Chess lately and I find the information you have provided to be most useful.
Link to: World War Chess
10 Oct 2000 Excellent Excellent Internet Gaming Site, including challenging computer players. Interesting moves with military game pieces in a chess-like manner.
More on Dragonchess
17 Oct 2000 None A couple of comments/questions about Dragonchess, and the eternal problem of the Dragon itself.

I don't like the idea of moving the sylphs to slow the dragon. One of the features of the initial setup is that each warrior is defended by either a sylph or dwarf. To maintain this and shift the sylphs would also require moving the dwarves, which would block the Elemental's normal start (although it's not a huge effect, it is there).

I don't worry about the Dragon taking the easy sylph - I worry about the direct assault. If Gold opens to 1d4, it forces the Scarlet dragon to stay to defend the square g7, otherwise the Gold dragon can take it and attack the King 'from afar'.

Indeed, try the opening of DR-1d4, G-1i4, and G-1e4 - UGLY. Scarlet has to scramble to hold the 1g7 square and avoid the various threats (Dragon in the royal court, or a Griffon on g7 forking the Mage and Paladin).

My pet alteration is expanding the Cleric's move. Instead of moving directly up or down between boards, I'd like to see it be able to move to any adjacent square on any level (that's 26 possible moves from the center of an empty board).

This would enable the Cleric to defend the royal court quicker. (Scarlet Cleric to 1g8), and keep it safer from attacks by Griffons, Elementals, and the Dragon.


News on chess variants
6 Oct 2000 Excellent ...Very informative...I espesially am interested in the ad on SUPERIOR-CHESS. I'll contact Mr. Ashley and inquire...thank you much! ...Bill
Photo of Xiangqi set
30 Aug 2000 Poor Although you have tried to make the chinese chess westernised in appearance, the pieces of designs are still too ugly to be attrative.
Photo's of Hyperchess
4 Dec 2000 Good I used to have this game but it was stolen in 1974. Where can I get another one? Please let me know at (email removed contact us for address) .com Thanks.
Pocket knight
22 Nov 2000 Excellent Short and sweet. love it
Quadlevel 3D Chess
28 Dec 2000 Excellent Great game. What is mesa saying? It's my game. FAQ
1 Jan 2001 Excellent
Rules of Chess - Frequent Asked Questions
10 Dec 2000 Good Great site. Even though either the typos or poor sentence construction could use some improvement, the explanations, especially the one on castling, were very interesting and informative. Thank you.
25 Nov 2000 Excellent
7 Oct 2000 Good
22 Aug 2000 Excellent
22 Aug 2000 Excellent
21 Aug 2000 Excellent Thanks - I looked at a couple of other web sites before yours - I will use you in my class - tHanks
Rules of Chess (3)
23 Sep 2000 None Excellently done and explained, especially the En-pasant move.
Rules of Chess (6)
4 Aug 2000 Good show more thought provoking situations!
Sequence of Fibonacci & Lucas Chess Design Games
17 Nov 2000 Poor
Small chess - Los Alamos variant
22 Nov 2000 Excellent Excellent short and sweet.
Small wooden chess set
6 Dec 2000 Poor page loads to slow need to compress the files and a need a clearer picture now available with newer camerias. Len
Shogi: Japanese Chess (the Chess Variant Pages)
20 Dec 2000 Excellent Very good, it hooked me again on shogi after an absence of abt 17 years! The links gave me playing theory, computer shogi games and the opportunity to play on line. So now I can hone the "players blade" again! Gert Visser (email removed contact us for address)
28 Aug 2000 Excellent No comment.
Shogi set
18 Oct 2000 Poor I am unable to make out your photos of the pieces. If one is going to the trouble of putting something on the internet to teach people, then one ought to put deciferable information on one's page. I might suggest a complete description of a shogi set, with possible variations of the graphics, perhaps using a graphics program, so that persons can Learn something from you page. thanks.
20 Feb 2001 Excellent I too played this game in the early 70's but it belonged to a friend. I would like to find this game again but I understand that Parker Brothers doesn't produce it anymore. Any ideas? Connie D.

I have seen Smess sets offered for auction on ebay ( -- D. Howe

13 Aug 2000 Good This page brought back many fond memories of playing Smess for hours on end with friends and relatives in the early 1970's.
Space Chess
7 Feb 2001 Good I like the pictures. they gave me an excellent view of the board. I valued the narrative, although the rules were not as I remembered them from the set I bought at a Star Trek convention in the seventies.I'm going to the site named above to see if I can get a set. Barry M. Williams
The 40-squares chess variant design contest: Winners
25 Nov 2000 Excellent Chess Variants: Thank you for the Honorary Commendation for "Oblique". I very much enjoyed creating this variant for the contest. You have a great site! -- Tony Quintanilla (e-mail: (email removed contact us for address)
The Rules of Chess
10 Feb 2001 Good
The Chess Variant Pages: Alphabetical listing of variants
18 Sep 2000 Good
The Emperor's Game
18 Nov 2000 Good were can you play it?
The F.I.D.E. Laws Of Chess
2 Dec 2000 Good
25 Nov 2000 Excellent
4 Oct 2000 Excellent This is a great page. I love chess and so does my sister. We play al the time my dad tought us. We go to New York just to play chess in the park. This is a good thing. I just learned somthing new about the game.
6 Sep 2000 Excellent I'm so proud to have been able to read your rules display. It clarifies the rules so much, and verifies rules that I long knew, but did not know how to prove to others. Thanks, Enthusiast!!
The Game of Three Friends
13 Aug 2000 None Name of this game in Chinese: San-kwo-k'i
New piece names: for red, Chuo (fire); for blue, Ch'i (banner); for green, Feng (wind).
Source: A History of Chess, H.J.R. Murray, pp. 133-134

--D. Howe

8 Aug 2000 Good It looks like a fascinating variant but could use more Chinese information such as the name of the game in Chinese, the names of the three new pieces in Chinese and perhaps some photographs of an actual set. Also, some clarification of the rule regarding "adding a mated king's army to that of the mating king" would be appreciated, possibly including a sample game with examples of this feature highlighted. Does anyone know if a Zillions file of this variant has been made?
The Hitchhiker's Guide to Chess
24 Aug 2000 Excellent No comment.
The rules of chess
2 Aug 2000 Excellent Well, someone had to make the first comment, so I figured I'd choose a safe bet: this game truly is excellent! --D. Howe
The worst Chess program in the world
8 Nov 2000 Excellent Excellent for a beginer like me who has never touched chess pieces.
Three Dimensional 8x8xN Chess Game
23 Sep 2000 None isn't this getting really complicated? (email removed contact us for address)
Three-handed chess: Waider's game
1 Sep 2000 Excellent
TOTO40: A Totolospi Inspired Chess Variant on 40 Squares
20 Dec 2000 Excellent
True Type chess fonts and Chess DTP
12 Aug 2000 Excellent No comment.
WWW link: Chess: 3-D
12 Dec 2000 Good
WWW link: Bastardo
31 Aug 2000 Good
WWW link: Chess2000
9 Oct 2000None I came across your website whilst checking something else. I wish to point out for the record that 'CHESS 2000' was in fact a gam based on chess and brought out by my partner, Terry Lezemore and myself, in 1990/1991, tooled up and manufactured as a boxed game, and launched at The Earl's Court International Toy and Hobbies Exhibition, London, in 1991. It was successfully sold to a number of outlets, including Harrods in London, but we then ran out of money for marketing and currently are sitting on approx 700 of the games in storage until such tiome as we can launch it again. It was actually originally patented world-wide and we retain full rights, including intellectual copyright and rights to the name Chess2000, as associated with the game of Chess or variants. I would be interested in your comments and repsonse. Yours faithfully Akos N Roth United Kingdom E-mail address: (email removed contact us for address)
WWW link: PowerChess
17 Dec 2000 Excellent
11 Nov 2000 Good
WWW link: Qin Qi
6 Dec 2000 Excellent
WWW link: Stonehenge
3 Sep 2000 None Very interesting... Do the pyramids represent squares to which no man may move? From (email removed contact us for address)
WWW link: Global Chess
1 Oct 2000 Excellent No comment.
WWW link: The Retrograde Analysis Corner
9 Nov 2000 Excellent
Xiangqi: Chinese Chess
31 Dec 2000 Excellent
29 Dec 2000 Good very good
5 Dec 2000 Good
5 Sep 2000 Excellent
Xiangqi variant
8 Oct 2000 None I've seen this game, but with a few differences. Most of my relatives know this game as Moon Chess. The rules are basically correct, except that the ranking is wrong in your page. This is how most people I know play: General -> Guard -> Elephant -> Car -> Horse -> Soldier -> General (anglicized) King -> Guard -> Bishop -> Rook -> Knight -> Pawn -> King The cannon is special. It can take any piece, but only by jumping over another piece, at any distance, no matter if the piece is flipped over or not. It can move one space orthogonally. Any piece except the soldier can take the cannon. I'm pretty sure this is the official way to play Moon Chess. Ken Liao

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