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A cylinder chess puzzle - 2 - Solution

Problem from A. W. Mongredien, Bulletin de la FFE, No. 19, 1926.

The rules are: the left and right side of the board are considered to be connected, and pieces are allowed to move across it, rooks, bishops, and queens following the same lines. Thus, e.g., a queen can go from b4 to g1 (via a3 and h2).

King a3; Rook h4, h6.

King b5; Pawn c5, c6.

White to move and mate in two. Cylinder Chess.


The first two send in a solution (independently), were:
  1. Alberto Monteiro.
  2. Hans Olsson.
The solution is: R h4 - h4. The rook loops around the board. Now, after any move of black, white has a mate.
1 - Kb5-a5 2 Rh4-h5
1 -  c5-c4 2 Rh4-h5 (check from both sides and no escape).

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Written by: Hans Bodlaender.
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