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Twinmove Chess (uncompelled)

This page contains one or more presets for playing a game online with Game Courier, an online server for playing Chess variants by correspondence.

In Twinmove Chess (uncompelled) the double-move consists of a pawn move followed by a piece move, which is mandatory. The player may abstain from the pawn move, and instead move a piece, but then he has lost his double-move. Note that a player, when the king is threatened, can make a pawn move before taking measures to protect the king. He can also make a pawn move that discloses his king to an enemy piece, but he is well adviced to protect his king in the subsequent move. The en passant rule does not exist, simply because a pawn move cannot occur prior to the opponent's turn. Games always begin with a pawn move, otherwise the rules are the same as in orthodox chess. Note that it is capture of the King that counts, not checkmate.

The positional laws of chess are fully valid in the uncompelled variant, although the double-move creates interesting tactical possibilities, both in defense and attack. The missing en passant move facilitates the defense, as a counterweight to the forceful attacks occuring in this chess variant. Note that a pawn can promote to queen and immediately move, since it satisfies the condition of pawn move + piece move. Don't give up if you're losing material. There are many opportunities for counterattacks in this game. Somewhat surprisingly, this is a sophisticated and fully functional form of chess.

You can use point & click to move. After a pawn move the turn will remain with the same player. Castling and promotion are automatic (the player will be asked about promotion piece). Note that it's against the rules to make two pawn moves in a row (the preset doesn't check this).

Twinmove Chess (uncompelled)

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You can download a Zillions implementation here.

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