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The Chess Variant Pages

Mortal Chessgi on Game Courier

Created by Fergus Duniho, Mortal Chessgi is a variant of Chessgi (a hybrid of Chess and Shogi) in which each captured piece demotes to the next lowest ranking piece or, when there is no lower ranking piece, disappears from the game. Captured Queens demote to Rooks, Rooks to Bishops, Bishops to Knight, Knights to Pawns, and Pawns to nothing, disappearing from the game. Mortal Chessgi is otherwise played like Chessgi. The side areas shown below are for holding captured pieces until they are ready to be dropped. If you enjoy this game, you may also enjoy Kamikaze Mortal Shogi, a Shogi variant inspired by this game. Here are some presets for playing Mortal Chessgi on Game Courier. These all enforce the rules and spot check, checkmate, and stalemate.

Written by Fergus Duniho
WWW Page Created: 28 September 2003.