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The Chess Variant Pages

FIDE Chess with Extra Pieces

This page contains one or more presets for playing a game online with Game Courier, an online server for playing Chess variants by correspondence.

Logs for Extra Pieces FIDE Chess

The following game might be more exciting, with Guard replacing King upon King's movement (idea from Adrian de la Campa).

Logs for Extra Pieces FIDE Chess without Extra Pawns The rule is that as soon as a piece or pawn vacates its home square, it is replaced by its corresponding extra piece or pawn (which is then eliminated from its old space). A piece or pawn can be captured on its starting square but during the same move as the capturing piece moves away, the corresponding extra piece or pawn will appear on that same original space. Replacement pawns can still make their initial double move. A replacement rook can still castle with the king provided neither the king nor the new replacement rook have moved.


This variant grew out of my desire for a type of chess where attacks wouldn't fizzle out so easily but could be sustained by extra pieces. Not necessarily so. The initial intent may not to be satisfied since extra pieces also may mean extra defense. But perhaps the offense is favored by the interval of time between a capture of a piece on an original square and the time one must withdraw from the point of capture. Does it have a redundant feel (Rendundant Chess)? Let me know after you've experimented with it.

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