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Ultima Chess

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This variant is popular in NOST circles.

Since this game is likely to be novel, I programmed so that you win by capturing the enemy king.

KingMoves and captures as a FIDE chess king.
WithdrawerMoves as a FIDE chess queen. If there is a hostile unit on the square immediately opposite from the direction in which it moves, it is captured.
CoordinatorMoves as a FIDE chess queen. Captures an enemy unit on the same rank as the square to which it moves and the same file as the coordinator's king, and/or an enemy unit on the same file as the square to which it moves and the same rank as the coordinator's king.
Long LeaperMoves as a FIDE chess queen. May junp enemy units if there is an empty square just beyond. Captures these units.
ImmobilizerMoves as a FIDE chess queen. An enemy unit adjacent orthogonally or diagonally cannot move. Adjacent enemy immobilizers immobilize each other.
PawnMoves as a FIDE chess rook. If it lands on a square with an enemy unit orthogonally adjacent and a friendly unit just beyond, the enemy unit is captured.
ChameleonMoves as a FIDE chess queen. Captures kings as a king, only from the adjacent square. Captures withdrawers by withdrawing. Immobilizes immobilizers. Leaps over and captures long leapers. Captures pawns as pawns capture.

I decided it would be a draw if after 50 moves (25 by each side), no unit had been captured.

Ultima Chess

Chess Variants

These are simple illustrations rather than strong opponents.

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