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Chess Variant Applets

by Ed Friedlander

I programmed these to show some of the many chess variants, rather than to be strong opponents. I could have added longer look-aheads, but this would have caused delays and taken up too much memory. Other chess applets exist and are also weak. Some of these applets recognize draw by repetition / perpetual check. Others fail to do so; again this is to save space and loading time.

The applet at André Heuner's Site is much stronger than mine. He also has some variants

I have tried to choose the ones that are actually popular with players. I welcome your suggestions. Green stars mark those that are very easy to learn and play casually.

I am presently looking for a Java programmer who can help me develop these into a site where people can play one another online. I expect to have access to an in-house server where I can run a Java server application sometime later this year.

There are also variants on checkers, including Byelorussian Cheskers. You can find these at other sites.

Games and
fun for everyone

Easy ChessStandard game
Absorption ChessCapturer gains movement abilities
Absorption Chess IICapturer gains movement abilities. This applet extends this to kings and pawns.
Abstract ChessA friendly unit may donate some of its power to a neighbor.
Accelerated ChessTwo non-capturing moves, or one capturing move, each turn.
Active ChessTwo queens, 9x8.
Actuated Rotating Center ChessCenter rotates, you choose when and how.
Advance ChessPawns begin on third and sixth ranks
Airplane ChessLarge variant with airplanes which capture by landing just beyond an enemy unit.
Akenhead's ChessChinese pieces and Berolina pawns.
AlapoSimple chess-like game.

Alice Chess
Looking-glass boards. Extremely popular variant.
    Alice Chess II
    Players begin on opposite boards.
    Ms. Alice Chess
    Units may make a "zero move" to the other board.
Alliance ChessTwo boards, four players, team wins by checkmating the primary player.
All-In ChessMove either side's units. No reversing the previous move.
All-Mate ChessCapture a piece only by rendering it unable to avoid FIDE capture.
Almost ChessThe queen may move as a knight or rook but not as a bishop.
Alternation ChessYou alternate your moves with a partner.
Amazon ChessThe queen may also move as a knight
Amazon Knights ChessThe queen may also move as a knight, and rooks and bishops are replaced by knights.
Ambi-ChessLarge board with two kings, move a member of each of two armies each turn.
    Ambi-Chess II
    As above, but you must escape check on the first of your two moves.
Angel Chess9x8 board. Angels (Q+N) are difficult to exchange.
Annihilation ICapture all non-royal units without checking the king.
Annihilation IICapture all enemy units except the uncapturable king.
Anti-Gravity ChessA newly-moved unit repels the nearest unit along each orthogonal line.
Anti-King ChessYour anti-king unit must remain under enemy attack. Berolina pawns an an unusual setup.
Anti-King Chess IIYour anti-king unit must remain under enemy attack. Usual setup plus anti-king.
Anti-Magnetic ChessLike colors attract, opposites repel, along orthogonal lines.
Anticipation ChessCommit after moving to which kind of unit you will move next.
Antipodean ChessCaptured units move, if possible, to the square four ranks and four files away.
    Antipodean Chess II
    Antipodean move can queen a pawn.
Anywhere Chess Units other than the king may make non-capturing moves to any square.
    I. May check only by a normal move
    II. May attack only by a normal move
    III. May attack or escape from check only by a normal move
Apocalypse Chess
Miniature version with four horsemen.
Archimedes Chess
Capture by attacking an enemy unit with two of yours.
Arena ChessEntry in the 32-move-maximum contest.
Alternating Chess IIIEach side alternates between moving pawn and piece. Pritchard says this may come from Argentina.
Arktur ChessRandom first ranks, two kings.
Arrow Pawn ChessPawns do not promote but have expanded moves.
Assassin ChessShoot chess without royalty and with pawns that cannot be shot by line movers.
Assault ChessPlay twice; which can win as White against a weakened Red faster?
Atlantis ChessYou may sink an edge square instead of moving a unit
Atomic Pawn ChessOne time in ten, a pawn explodes just after moving
Avalanche Chess
Advance the opponent's pawns. Popular variant.

Avalanche Chess 2
As before, except that the red king and queen are switched. Some say this makes a better game.
Aviation ChessKnight pawns move and capture as bishops and can leap any number of units
Bachelor ChessAll pieces promote. Win in the usual way or by joining king and queen.
    Bachelor Chess 6x7
    Original version on 6x7 board.
Balaklava ChessAll non-royal units can make non-capturing knight moves
Balbo ChessOdd-shaped board, bishops as powerful as knights.
Bank of ScotlandScotch Progressive Chess, with an extra move per turn for each time your side has checked the opponent.
Only a check ends a sequence early.
A check or a move to a square under attack both end a sequence early.
Bankhouse Chess Buy units back from the opponent, or bribe units you have captured to change sides.
Barasi ChessPieces cannot move backwards; pawns are Berolina
BastardoFour players, each playing alone, on an ordinary board
    Specter kings, death knights, plague pawns and bishops.
    Royalty is assigned at random and kept secret
    Bastardo, load your initial setup
    Each player is given a different, distinct advantage.
Batak ChessIndonesian culture where chess is very popular
Battle ChessMove as many of your units as you like, once each, each turn. Win by capturing the enemy king.
Bear ChessRussian variant with new piece
Beirut ChessOne unit is secretly carrying a bomb
Benedict Arnold ChessNo captures, but units attacked by the mover are flipped.
Bennie Prince's ChessUnits not under attack may be removed and returned, one at a time
Berolina ChessPawns move diagonally and capture straight ahead
Berolina Grid Chess Popular with NOST.
Besiege ChessLarge variant with White on either side, Black in center
Bicapture ChessYou may capture, and be checked by, your own units
Big Board Chess
Large set with setup phase.
Billiards ChessBishops and queens bounce off the edges
Bird's ChessLarge variant by the grandmaster
Bishop ChessBishops do not capture and cannot be captured. Win by getting your bishop to the end rank.
Black and White ChessTwo moves per turn, the first from a white square, the second from a black square.
Blackburne's ProposalQR becomes a marshall, QB becomes a pegasus, and KB becomes a queen are enhanced.
Blackjack ChessIf the point value of your remaining units totals 21, you win.
Black Hole ChessUnits falling into the central black hole may be recovered.
Blind Shogi Japanese kriegspiel.
Blockade Chess A unit may only capture one of its own kind. Popular at U. of Oslo.
Blood Brothers ChessPieces defend others of their kind regardless of location.
Blue Chess
Commemorates Deep Blue vs. Kasparov.
Bomb ChessQueen's Rook moves as king and can explode
Bomber Chess IPawns can be made to explode.
Bomber Chess IIPawns can be made to explode, and always explode when captured.
Bomber Chess IIIPawns and pieces can be made to explode.
Booster Pawn ChessPawns push friendly pieces.
Brickchucking ChessPieces can only move forward, but attack the king in any direction.
Brusky Hexagonal ChessHexagonal variant from the 1960's.
Brotherhood ChessA piece cannot capture one of its own kind.
Buczo's Chess10 x 10 variant with optional underpromotion
Bug Eyed Monster ChessA non-royal unit may make any move which, in FIDE chess, some other unit could make and it could not make.
Bughouse Chess
Two boards. Units captured move to opposite board. Popular variant.

Burmese Chess
Most popular form in Burma.

Butters ChessCapture by moving adjacent rather than by displacement.
Byzanatine ChessCircular 16x4 Shatranj variant.
Byzanatine Chess IIA different account of the old circular game.
CaissaChristiaan Freeling's game with a royal queen.
Cambodian ChessHistoric 9x9 game.
Canadian ChessCaptured units are replaced immediately. Not really a Canadian regional game.
Canadian Chess IIQueens are replaced as rooks, rooks as bishops, etc. Pawns are not replaced.
Canadian Progressive ChessUsually Canadian Chess is played progressively.
Cannon ChessRooks and Bishops move and capture after the style of Chinese cannons.
Capablanca Chess8x10 board variant by the grandmaster.
Capablanca Chess 10x1010x10 board variant by the grandmaster.
Capapranka ChessA cap renders a square and any occupant non-functional.
Capped Pawn ChessWhite must checkmate with a move of the KBP or lose. The toughest odds given in chess.
Capricorn ChessRooks capture by moving adjacent to enemy units.
Capture the Flag Chess
As in the kids' tag game
Capturing Progressive ChessScotch Chess, but if no capture is made the count drops back to one
CardChess Proprietary game with board 10x10 and four suits of chess cards. Many different games are possible.
    Faster than orthochess.
    Survivor wins.


    Four players, two teams.

    Faster than orthochess.
    Survivor wins.


    Four players, two teams.

    Faster than orthochess.
    Survivor wins.


    Four players, two teams.

Carnivore ChessEach turn, also move an uncapturable predator.
Carrera Chess10x8 version described in 1617
Cavalier ChessAll units except the queen enhanced knight-like.
Cavalry ChessEnhanced moves for all pieces
Centerless ChessNo center pawns or squares
Central ChessMove twice per turn, once in center and once on edge
ChadChristiaan Freeling's simple game of complex strategy.
Chameleon ChessBegin with 16 pawns which evolve.
Chance ChessClassic proprietary game. Randomizer determines what unit(s) you may move. Free move out of check.
Chancellor ChessClassic 9x9 board with rook-knight.
Chaos Chess
Random starting positions
Chatty ChessFour-handed game using normal board and pieces

ChaturangaOldest known form of chess
Chaturanga for FourAncient partnership game, sometimes said to be the oldest form of chess. I have presented a modern version played in India in recent times.

Chaturanga for Four -- Machiavellian Version
Cutthroat new version.
King and pawns
Cheapmate Chess You may make one illegal move in order to checkmate.
Cheapo Once during the game, you can move a unit twice
Checkers ChessPieces may not move backwards until they have visited the opposite side of the board.
Check Force ChessThe player giving check decides how the opponent escapes.
Checkless Chess
You may not check unless it is mate.
Chess-Halma combination with no royal unit.
Chesapeake Four-Handed Chess
Based on Chessapeak Challenge, arguably the best commercial four-player chess game.
Cheshire Cat ChessWhen a unit leaves a square, the square vanishes.
Cheshire Cat Chess, 10 x 10
When a unit leaves a square, the square vanishes.
The most popular cross between checkers and chess.
Chess Addresses Place the enemy units, then return your own to their squares of origin.
Chess Draughts Captures are mandatory; a unit which can continue capturing must do so on the same turn.
Chess in the Third Dimension Three-D proprietary game from Skor-Mor.
Chess Merels Lining up three units in a row captures the last enemy unit moved.
Chess with ReservesLoad your units during the game
ChessMateCards determine what units you may use.
ChessenatGame from Columbia with custodial captures.
ChessenceUnits move and capture depending on their proximity to their colleagues.
ChessersPieces may ride pawns to the end ranks.
Captured units become yours to drop onto the board
ChesskyDice rolls determine how the units move
Board is made of cards which must stay connected.
Chimera ChessChimeras cannot capture or be captured, but swap positions with the enemy units which they displace
Chinese Chess (Xiangqi)
Number of players is probably comparable to FIDE chess players.
Chitty Chatty ChessFour-handed game for beginners
ChoissBuild a board from tiles prior to placing units.
Church ChessSeven bishops
Ciccolini's ChessLarge variant from the early 1800's
Cincinnati Four-Way ChessContemporary idea with relatively small central area
Circe ChessClassic variant in which pieces are returned to their squares of origin if possible.
Circe Progressive ChessThe usual way in which Circe chess is played today.
Circe VulcaniciProgressive Circe chess, units returning as in the standard non-progressive game, waiting if necessary until the square becomes open.
Circean ChessLarge variant in which pawns evolve into kings.
Circular ChessUpdate of Byzantine Chess. At least one club is dedicated to this game.
Citadel Early 1900's board game.
Citadel ChessClassic variant of Shatranj.
Cleopatra ChessNo captures, but units attacked by the moving queen are flipped.
Clockwork Orange ChessUnits are returned unable to capture.
Coalition ChessAlternative setup. No capturing across the midline.
Codrus ChessCaptures are mandatory. Win by forcing the opponent to capture your king.
Cohen's Error ChessColumbia Cannon Chess, only with Korean style cannons.
Coin ChessA coin on the board must mirror the moves of a unit, limiting the possibilities.
Colorbound ChessCheckmate either king with a colorbound army.
Columbia Cannon Chess
Runners must leap one unit to move of capture; knight is 1,0 or 2,0 jumper.
Compact ChessSmall version popular in South Africa.
Confederation ChessPieces can merge and separate.
Successful game invented by a seven-year-old.
Connect Chess
Win by connecting opposite ranks with a chain of mutually supporting units.
Contramatic ChessYou must not check the opposing king, or leave him in check. You may move into check.
Conversion ChessI chose this one to represent the entire family of co-chess variants.
Coregal ChessKing and Queen(s) are royal.
Coregal Chess 2King and Queen(s) are royal. Queens may not cross a square under attack.
Corner ChessFast-paced variant without pawns.
Corner Chess IITony Paletta's modern version of Farmer's Chess.
Corner Rook SkirmishExcept for rooks, all units begin one square forward
Coronation ChessBishop and rook can fuse to replace the queen.
Corridor ChessSetup by Tony Paletta.
Counter ChessUnits may not capture those taller than they are. Win by moving your king to an opposite corner.
Courier ChessEarly German version
Crazyhouse ChessOne-board Bughouse
Creation ChessPieces on the far rank may give birth to hybrids.
Creative ChessLoad your own units as you like
Credo ChessHexagonal variation commemorating 500 years of English chess publication.
    Credo Chess for Three

Cripple ChessThe king may move only to capture.
Cross ChessPopular in Australia
Crown ChessPlace your own units on the board, starting with the king, then queen, then rooks, etc.
Crush ChessAfter every 10 moves, the perimeter disappears.
Cuban ChessLarge version from Havana
Cursed ChessSquares where you have slain an enemy become uncrossable
Cutthroat ForChessFour players, each playing alone, on an ordinary board
Cylinder ChessFirst and eighth files connect
Dabbabante Chess2,0 runner need not stop for intervening units
Dark ChessYou can see only the squares to which you could move.
    Dark Chess II
    As above, but you are protected from moving into, or remaining in, check.
Dead Square ChessCaptures destroy both units, the square, and all neighbors.
Decimal Four-Handed ChessFast-moving experimental partnership games by V. R. Parton.
    Five pawns each
    Pieces only
    Two pawns, omnidirectional
    Same player cannot take both enemy kings
Defender Pawn ChessPawns can move (but not capture) any distance backwards
Defensive ChessRed cannot move beyond fourth rank. White must checkmate within 50 moves.
Deployment ChessPlace units on markers which disappear if crossed by a friend or occupied by any unit. Won a variants contest.
Desertion Chess After moving, units recruit adjacent enemies. Winner is the last player able to move.
Detente 007You move three times in sequence, the middle one being an enemy unit.
Diagonal Quadrant ChessDifferent setup and pawn moves
Diamond ChessNormal set and board, different setup and pawn moves
Diamond Chess IIDiamond-shaped board made up of triangles.
Diana ChessMiniature chess game from the late 1800's.
Dice Chess IMove the unit indicated by the roll of a six-sided die. Win by capturing the enemy king.
Dice Chess VIf you cannot move the unit shown on the six-sided die, you lose. First five moves are as in orthochess.
Disguised King I
A secret royal pawn must be protected.
Disguised King II
Win by capturing the secret royal pawn.
Displaced Grid ChessA Grid Chess variant that allows kings to visit corners, etc.
Dodo ChessWin by getting your king to the opposite side.
Domination ChessWin by occupying the center
Double ChessMove on either of two boards.
Don't Cross MidnightChess on a rotating planet; units may not cross the International Date Line
Double Knight Chess IA second pair of knights replaces the bishops.
Double Knight Chess IIA knight not capturing may move again at once.
Double Move Chess #1
The object is simply to capture the other king.
Double Move Chess #2
Balanced Marsailles Chess. A check or mate ends your turn.
Double Move Chess #3Bennekom Chess. On each move (except White's first), you move the same unit twice if you can. A check on the first move ends the turn.
Double Trouble ChessWhite has only king and bishop but moves twice per turn.
Double Wide ChessTwo adjacent full chessboards.
Dragonfly ChessSmall version with pieces in hand.
Dunsany's ChessOne side has 32 pawns instead of the usual pieces
Duo ChessTwo boards, units moving freely to the corresponding squares
Dutch Billiards ChessBilliards chess with pocketed pieces returned to their squares of origin.
Dutch ChessPawns start on the back ranks and move as queens
Dynamo Chess
Units push and pull one another. Some bugs may remain in the program.
Dynasty ChessCapture both king and queen, whose moves vary
Earthquake ChessCenter of board runs down a fault.
EchexsHexagonal chess for three players.
EchosSmall variant in which you promote and demote your units.
Echo Chess IIf possible, make a second move with a matching unit in the same direction and distance as the first move. It may be a capture if and only if the first move was.
Echo Chess IIIf possible, make a second move with a matching unit in the same direction and distance as the first move. The rule on capture is relaxed.
Eclipse ChessUnits in the eclipse zone cannot move or give check.
Edgehog ChessQueens may move only to or from edges of the board.
Eight Kings ChessCheckmate any one of them to win.
Emperor ChessThe king may move to, and only to, any square under attack by his forces and not the opponent's.
Emperor of China
Chess-Halma combination with royal king.
English Progressive ChessIn each series, all mobile units must be moved before any unit may be moved again
Enjoyable Hour Chess
Three-Dimensional Chess
Enlarged and Improved ChessEarly large-board variant from Holland
En Passant ChessAll pieces can capture and be captured en passant
Entourage ChessAny piece (not pawn) adjacent to the king is also royal
Epiphany ChessThree Kings.
Episcopal ChessCapture both opposing bishops to win
Erosion ChessUnits erode after eight moves
Escalation ChessGetting a unit captured lets you move twice on the next turn.
Ethiopian ChessAfrican variant with distinct mobilization phase

Exchanger ChessKnights can move to a square occupied by another friendly unit and exchange places with it.
Exotic Pieces
Menagerie of pieces, old and new. Have fun!
Explosion ChessWhatever units the mover attacks disappear; if the mover is attacked, it also disappears.
Extended Queen's-Side CastlingRestrictions on queenside castling are relaxed.
Extinction Chess
Capture all of any kind of unit. Popular variant.
Falcon Chess
New version completes logical sequence of basic pieces
Fast Track ChessPawns may underpromote before they advance to the opposite rank.
Farmer's ChessMedieval four-sided variant; "Four Seasons Chess"

Feint ChessSeven of each side's units can check but not capture.
Feudal ChessFour player game on 9x9
Fianchetto ChessBishops and Rooks exchange starting squares.
Fischer Random Chess
Random symmetric starting positions.
Fish Chess IPawns can move backwards
Fish Chess IIPawns can move and capture backwards
Fishaway ChessGiveaway lumberjack chess.
Five Up Chess
Three-Dimensional Chess
Five Star Chess IYou can also win by getting five of your own units in a new row.
Five Star Chess IIYou can also win by completing a row of five units composed from either side.
Five Tigers ChessVariant of Chinese Chess. Red can make two pawn moves per turn but has no cannons, knights, or rooks.
ForChessPartnership game on a crowded 8x8 board
Foreign Policy Chess
Peacekeepers are a third army.
FortressesOdd shaped board.
Four Player Chess -- Standard
The Verney-Hughes implementation.
Four Player ChessOne of many possible setups. Capture an opponent's king and control the remaining units.

Four Player Chess IIIAnother popular setup for four players.
Frankfurt ChessCapturer becomes a unit of the type captured.
Freak ChessPlace your king into a random setup
Free Castling ChessLiberalized rules on castling.
Free Placement ChessChoose your own starting position.
Free-For-All ChessMove either side's units.
French Revolution ChessShort game with your pawns facing the enemy.
Full ChessRandom symmetric starting positions. Different castling rules from Fischer's proposal.
Fuller's ProposalBishops can also move and capture as knights.
Fusion Chess APieces merge and separate
Fusion Chess BPieces merge and separate. This time, royalty may cross a square under attack.
GalaChessHexagonal variation from 1980.
Gambler's ChessMover is determined randomly
German Rules c. 1420
Ghost ChessThe ghosts of captured units reappear.
Glory ChessA pawn on the seventh rank checks.
Glinski's Hexagonal Chess
The most popular hexagonal variant.
Grand AcedrexClassic large board setup from medieval Spain.
Grand ChessConsidered among the best of the large-board setups.
Grand Crossing ChessWin by getting your king to the opposite side.
Grasshopper ChessRow of grasshoppers behind the pawns.
Grasshopper Chess IIThe queen becomes a grasshopper.
Gravity ChessMoved unit attracts
Gravitational ChessMajor units fall back toward the friendly side
Greater ChessLarge variant from the 1940's
Greek Progressive ChessYou may make one more move per turn than your opponent just did. Not really a Greek regional game.
Grid Chess
Moves and attacks must cross one of the grid lines. Popular variant.
Gridlock ChessTwo-move turns. If after the second move, there are three of your units in a 2x2 area, they are removed. Stalemated players lose.
Gryphon ChessUnits are promoted on each move.
Gryphon Chess IIUnits are promoted on each move.
Guard Chess (Variant)Units guarded by units, other than the king, are immune to attack.
Haigh's Chess12 x 8 version.
Half Chess4x8 board, plays well.
Handicap ChessAs in golf, stronger units are given relative limits on who they can capture.
Hawaiian ChessPacific Island variant
Hazlewood's Hexagonal ChessProprietary game from the 1980's.
Hecatomb ChessOne king and 31 queens on each side
Heraldic Chess I
Heraldic set plus sixteen cards per hand.

Heraldic Chess IIHeraldic set plus ten cards per hand.
Heraldic Chess IIIHeraldic set plus six cards per hand.
Heraldic Chess IVHeraldic set plus two twelve-sided dice.
Heraldic Extinction ChessWin by capturing any piece plus its pawn
Hermit ChessA randomly-moving opponent moves more than once per turn.
Hero ChessThe king's pawn is replaced by a unit which mimics the move of any friendly unit on the board.
    Hero Chess II
    The queen is replaced by the hero.
    Hero Chess III
    The hero may also move to any square attacked by a friendly non-hero.
HexachessProprietary hexagonal variant
HexChessTony Paletta's hexagonal variant.
HexesMike Loyfield's variant on a hexagon-based board.
    Hexes Compressed
    Another variant.
Hidden Target Chess IKnow which enemy species to eliminate to win, but not which one of yours is vulnerable.
Hidden Target Chess IIDon't know which enemy species to eliminate to win, but do know which one of yours is vulnerable.
Hidden Target Chess IIIDouble Blind.
Home Base ChessCaptured units return to original squares if unoccupied.
Hopple-Popple ChessKnights and bishops swap capturing moves.
Hostage Chess
To return one of your captured units, give back an enemy prisoner of equal or greater value. Very good game.
Howell's ChessEnlarged board with open edge files.
Hunter-Falcon ChessTwo new kinds of runner are added only during the course of the game.
Hurricane ChessMove as many of your units as you like, once each, each turn. You must escape from check on the first move of your turn.
Hyperspace Chess
Units travelling more than 1 square go through hyperspace.
Hypnotic ChessIf you attack an opposing unit, you may also move it.
Ice Age ChessBlocks of ice cover the board at intervals
Identific ChessPlace undifferentiated units, then choose who they are after they have moved.
Idle King ChessKings do not appear on the board until the 13th turn, and can only move if in check.
Imitating ChessUnits move according to the FIDE move of the last enemy unit
Imitator ChessA neutral piece must legally imitate your move. It may not capture.
Immobilizer ChessThe immobilizer does not capture, but renders adjacent enemy units unable to move.
Imperial Chess IProprietary version for four on a round board.
Imperial Chess IIProprietary version on a round board.
Imperial Chess IIIProprietary version for four players.
Incognito Chess
The king, a secret piece, and a secret pawn are all royal and must be protected.
Indian ChessSome local variant rules from the colonial period
Indian/Turkish Grand ChessLarge variant from the 1700's
Insane ChessUnits mutate randomly.
Insane Chess IIUnits mutate randomly. This time, you know what the unit will become.
Interregnum ChessNo king or queen; win by promoting a pawn; captured units replaced.
Intrigue ChessCapturing a particular pawn places the enemy king on the board.
Iron GuardNon-capturable guard replaces White queen.
Iron KnightNon-capturable knight
Italian Miniature Chess5x5 game as played in Italy
Italian Miniature Losing Chess5x5 losing chess as played in Italy
Italian Miniature Progressive Chess5x5 progressive game as played in Italy
Italian Progressive Chess
You may only check on your last move of your series. Popular variant.
Janus ChessLarge board variant.
Japanese Chess
Shogi, the extremely popular Japanese variant. I have used conventional symbols, mostly.

Joari-JoaraWest Indian variant in which a guarded unit may be captured only if it gives discovered check.
Joust ChessTwo knights. Squares cannot be revisited.
Joyful ChessOne special square enhances a piece's powers, the other diminishes them
Juggernaut ChessUnstoppable destructive unit moves at random.
Junta ChessThe king and his knights are the junta.
Kamikaze ICapturing units are removed, except kings
Kamikaze IICapturing units are removed, kings may not capture
Kamikaze IIIIf the lone queen checks, she wins.
King and PawnsWhite moves twice but has only king and pawns.
King with a Shotgun ChessTwice each game, a king may shoot down a rank or file
King with a Shotgun Chess IITwice each game, a king may shoot down a rank, file, or diagonal
KingletWin by capturing all opposing pawns
Kingmaker ChessThe first pawn to reach the opposite rank promotes to the enemy king.
King's Corner ChessRandom setup with kings in opposite corners.
King's Fortress ChessRandom setup with king's in opposite corners and extra pawns in front of them
KnightMate ChessThe knight, not the kings, is royal.
Knight Odds ChessWhite starts without the queen's knight.
Knight Relay Chess
Knights confer their movement ability on units they defend. Popular variant.
Knight Supreme ChessRooks and Bishops are replaced by Knights in the opening array.
Knightrider Bouncy Chess
Diagonal runners bounce off the walls; knights are knightriders.
    Knightrider Bouncy
    Chess II

    As above, but knights cannot capture one another. This helps prevent their early disappearance.
Knights ChessRooks, Bishops, and Queens can also move as knights.
KonigsridderThree attacking players and one defending player.
Korean Chess
Still some bugs in the program.

Korkser ChessLocal rules in parts of Germany.
    Korkser Chess II
    As above, without initial double pawn moves.
Opponent's units are invisible. Very popular.
Kriegspiel Variants
     Original Kriegspiel Know what type of unit was captured.
     American Kriegspiel See where pawn captures possible.
     Discreet Kriegspiel No information on pawn captures or checks.


Sighted side lacks queen, both knights, and one bishop.

    Pickle Pot


Sighted side lacks both rooks, both knights, and one bishop.
     Welbeck Kriegspiel Place your units as you like.
     Mafeking Kriegspiel Place your units as you like; knights are scouts.
     Assassin Kriegspiel Place your units as you like; knights see adjacent enemies; if you deliver checkmate by any unit except a queen, you lose.


Lambeth Conference Chess Bishops bouncing off the walls.
Las Vegas Fun ChessGame with dice, rules by George Koltanowski
Last Rook ChessKing and last remaining rook are both royal
Leandro's ChessYou can move any number of units one time each per turn, providing you do not capture, check, or escape from check.
Legan's ChessNormal set and board, different setup and pawn moves
Leo ChessQueen must jump a screen to capture
Levantine ChessOne unit is immune to capture if it is not attacking.
Lias's ProposalPawns may move, but not capture, one square sideways.
Lion ChessQueen, rook and bishops are cannons that must jump to capture. Promotion is to orthochess units.
Loonybird ChessChristiaan Freeling's small-board game with pieces which capture differently from their normal moves.
Lord of the Rings ChessBased on the fantasy trilogy.
Los Alamos ChessUsed for the first computer chess program.
Losing ChessCaptures are mandatory, object is to be unable to move.
Losing Chess IICaptures are mandatory, stalemate draws.
Losing Chess IIICaptures are mandatory; checkmating or having bare king wins.
Losing Chess IVCaptures are mandatory, being checkmated or having bare king wins.
Losing Sphinx ChessLosing chess in four dimensions.
Ludus ChessunculusSmall hexagonal variant with single- and double-hoppers.
Lumberjack ChessPieces move according to their current file. First check wins.
Machine Gun ChessAttacked units are removed. The object is to remove all enemy units.
Mad Threeparty ChessChess for three. Each opponent has a king which you may check by a move, and one which you must not check by a move.
Madcap ChessIf a capture is available, the player must capture, and continue capturing as long as possible with the same unit.
Madrasi ChessUnits of opposite color and identical kind which attack one another cannot move or give check.
Maelstrom ChessAll 64 squares are initially occupied
Mage ChessQueen can swap with any friendly unit
Mage Chess IIQueen can swap with any friendly or enemy unit
Magic Carpet ChessTwo teleporting devices.
Magna Carta ChessWhite has royal archbishop and royal marshall instead of a king.
Magnet ChessMoved unit attracts and repels
Maharaja and Sepoys ILone king, moving as queen+knight, versus an army
Maharaja and Sepoys IILone king, moving as queen+knight, versus an army. The maharaja cannot cross check.
Manchurian ChessWidely-played regional variant on Chinese Chess
March Hare ChessEach side moves first a black unit, then a white unit.
Martian ChessEdgar Rice Burroughs
Maya ChessIndian variant in which a defended unit (not king or pawn) moves according to the defender(s).
McCooey's Hexagonal ChessA recognized hexagonal variant.
Meares's ProposalBishops can also move and capture one square orthogonally.
Mecklenbeck ChessPawns promote on 6th rank
Mecklenburg Chess Classic 16x8 version for four
Medusa Chess
Non-capturing medusas petrify enemy units
    Medusa Chess II
    Medusa chess on an 8x8 board
    Medusa Chess III
    Medusas can also capture
Melee ChessLarge variant, win by entering enemy castle
    Melee Chess II
    Faster variant
Mercenary Pawn ChessUse either side's pawns to capture units
Mesmer ChessIf you attack an opposing unit with your mesmerist piece, you may also move it.
Metamorphing ChessPieces upgrade when escaping, downgrade when capturing
Metamorpin'-Fusion APieces are likely to proliferate
Metamorpin'-Fusion BPieces are likely to proliferate. Here, royalty can cross squares under attack.
Mexican ChessLarge variant from Mexico with 3,1 jumpers.
Mexican King ChessWin the usual way or by making it safely to Mexico.
Michell's ProposalPawns may underpromote on next-to-last rank.
Michelson's ChessEach side moves first a red unit, then a white unit.
Mideastern ChessActually a California variant resembling "Tamurlane" chess
Millennium Chess8x15 proprietary version with two kings.
Mimic ChessThe mimic may not jump, but may capture a hostile or friendly unit.
MimikriProprietary game from 3M. You know the identities of only one side's units.

    You know only your own units.
    You know only the opposing units.
Mimotaur ChessMimotaurs move as queens, may only capture a unit as that unit captures, cannot capture each other.
Minefield ChessTwo of your squares have hidden mines that can destroy an enemy unit when it lands.
Miniature ChessFrom an old Martin Gardner column in "Scientific American"
MiniShogiJapanese 5x5 version
Ministers ChessTwo queens on each side on a 9x9 board, available commercially
Missile Chess
Each unit can rifle-capture once.
Mock ChessNo royal piece, mandatory captures
Modern ChessLatin American 9x9 version
Modern Chess (Revised)Latin American 9x9 version. One bishop must begin with a one-square orthogonal move.
Monarch Hexagonal ChessProprietary hexagonal variant.
Mongolian Chess"Shatar", the major form of chess played in Mongolia for centuries
Mongredian ChessBoth bishops on queenside, both knights on kingside.
Monkey Do Chess
If possible, make a second move with any unit in the same direction and distance as the first move.
Monkey Done. The second move must be a side-to-side mirror image.

Monkey Did. The second move need only be the same distance.

Monkey Does. The second move need only be in the same direction.

Monochrome ChessAll units are of the same color. Win by accumulating captures.
Monster ChessWhite's normal army faces Red's king and four pawns; Red moves twice per turn
Morley ChessLarge board with the usual pieces.
Moroccan ChessIf you have one or more captures, you must make a capture.
Morton's ChessPartnership chess for four, with each army vulnerable to attack by only one opponent.
Moscow King ChessBoard starts empty. You place some of your army or move a unit. Kings go on first.

Mountain King ChessFirst king to reach the center square of an 11 x 11 board wins

Mouterde's ChessBoard with side extensions.
Move-and-a-Half Chess
Each normal move gives credit for half of a future bonus move.
Mrs. Graycheck's ChessPawns promote only to a unit already captured. Kept third-graders' sets intact.
MultiMate ChessWin by checkmating either side.
Mummy ChessKings can move only to castle or escape check.
Mutation Chess (New Zealand Style)Units other than kings transform into whatever they capture. Queens do not move to give check.
Mysore ChessLarge variant by an 18th century Indian king.
Narrowness ChessLots of pawns
Nemesis ChessNew pieces move only toward the enemy king
NeoChessFor four players on an 8x10 board.
NeoSchaakLoad your own units, onto the first two ranks, as you like during the game
Neuter Queen ChessA non-capturable, non-capturing queen may be moved by either side.
Neutral King ChessEach side tries to capture the sole king.
New York Twins Chess ILarge board with two kings. Checkmate either one.
New York Twins Chess IILarge board with two kings. Capture one, then checkmate the other.
New Zealand ChessKnights and rooks swap capturing moves.
Nightrider Chess INo knights in the usual position; queen is replaced by a nightrider.
Nightrider Chess IIKnights move as nightriders.
Nine Riders ChessEach piece is a rider
Ninny ChessClassic board game
No Entry Chess
Bar the opponent's access to one square after each of your moves.
NommenspielKriegspiel variant where only the squares to which the opponent moves are revealed.
Non-Prise ChessOnly kings and pawns can capture queens, rooks, bishops, or knights
Noris Schach Popular German proprietary game from the 1970's.
Norwegian ChessQ/N and B/R transform after each move. Only like units can capture units.
Nuisance ChessCo-chess variants in which empty cosquares are occupied by neutral units which may be captured but not crossed.
Null ChessSquares on which captures have taken place can no longer be visited or crossed after they are vacated.
Numericron ChessScore points by attacking enemy units
Oblong ChessAncient 16x4 variant of Shatranj. Several initial setups exist.
Occupation ChessWin by occupying an outpost in enemy territory for one move. Pawns promote by capturing, and prisoners can be exchanged and returned to action.
Omega Chess
Commercial large-board variant, plays well.
Outpost ChessWin by occupying a designated square in enemy territory for one move.
Parachute ChessLanding units may not attack any opposing unit.
Parallel Worlds Chess
Three Boards. Two have the regular setup, while the third is a twilight zone. Units transfer.
Patrol ChessA unit may not capture or give check unless it is supported by a friendly unit.
Patt-SchachStart with an illegal move from a stalemated position.
Patzer ChessIf you can check, you must do so.
Pawn Collector ChessPick up counters on the empty squares.
Pawn Massacre ChessWhite pieces, but not pawns, swap setup positions with red pieces.
Pawn Odds ChessWhite starts without the king's bishop's pawn.
Pawn Progression ChessPawns on advanced ranks move differently.
Pawns Game Tests whether eight somewhat advanced pawns are worth a queen.
Peasant Revolt ChessPawns vs. knights.
Perfect ChessRook, bishop, knight, plus each of the four compounds ("perfect").
Peruvian Army ChessA second board has aircraft that can bomb the orthochess board.
Petite Chess6x5 variant from the 1930's
Philosopher's ChessWinner of the 40 squares contest
Pin ChessPinned pieces do not give check
Plaid ChessProgressive Grid chess.
Pocket Knight Chess
Drop an extra knight on the board. Popular variant.
Pocket Knight Chess II Drop the Queen's Knight on the board. Popular variant.
Pocket Knight Chess III Two pocket knights.
Portuguese Progressive ChessYou can move each unit once at most in a series. Not really a Portuguese regional game.
Power ChessSeven queens on each side.
Power Chess IIEight extra pieces
Pre-ChessPlace your first rank as you choose before the game begins
PrisechecProprietary game with prison squares
Presto ChessFirst check by a unit which cannot be captured wins
Progressive Absorption Chess
Very popular in Italy.
Progressive Fischer Random ChessProgressive chess with random setups
Progressive Losing ChessCaptures are mandatory; try to lose all your units. Number of moves per turn increases.
Progressive Mutation ChessUnits transform into the kind captured. Number of moves per turn increases.
Progressive Take-All ChessVery popular in Italy.
Progressive 007 ChessMove opponent's units alternately with yours.
Promethean ChessUnits visiting the home squares of others leave behind duplicates.
Provocation ChessGetting checked gets you an extra move. Getting a unit captured gets you an extra move. These can be additive.
Proximity ChessYou must move one of the closest units to the destination of the last opponent's unit.
Push Chess
Capture only by pushing units off the edge. More people play Dynamo Chess nowadays.
Quantum ChessMove any non-observed unit to any non-observed empty square.
QuatrechessScore by getting units to the opposite edge.

Queen Odds ChessWhite starts without the queen.
Quest ChessSides make ten moves in a sequence. Each unit moves a maximum of one time. The opponent gets one move to respond to captures or checks.
QuickChessProprietary game from Amerigames.

      Racetrack ChessRooks and queens can follow concentric tracks on an expanded board.
      Racing Kings ChessKings race from Rank 1 to Rank 8
      Rainbow Chess
      Each side must occupy at least one square of each of six colors.
      Rampage ChessAny unit may move to any square that is guarded.
      Random Files Chess IMove from a random file if you can
      Random Files Chess IIMove to or from a random file if you can
      Random Pieces ChessBest of 20 rounds with armies of varying strengths
      Ranson's ChessClassic variant with an amazon which may move only four times.
      Rapid Fire ChessA unit captures all the units it attacks, without moving
      ReLoad units, only captures permitted, scored by surviving units.
      Re2No capturing until all units are loaded.
      Ready ChessTake a turn to recharge a unit that has captured.
      Recaptureless ChessA unit which has just captured is itself invulnerable to capture for the move.
      Recruiter ChessCapturer recruits on adjacent squares
      Recycle ChessYou may capture your own units and replace them on the board
      Red Castle ChessRed king and QR cannot move except to castle, which wins for Red
      Reflex Chess
      Force your opponent to checkmate.
      Reform Chess ILoad your own units
      Reform Chess IIKing and Queen Pawns are special
      Refusal Chess
      You may refuse one enemy move per turn.
      Refuse Once ChessYou may refuse one enemy move per game.
      Reinforcements ChessCaptured units change sides and are replaced immediately.
      Removal ChessRemove an enemy knight after move 6, a bishop after move 12, etc.
      Renezans ChessProprietary game, 9x9, in which the occupant of the center square can move as any piece.
      Repatriation Chess
      Pairs of captured units are returned to the board.
      Reserve ChessUnits may be removed from the board and dropped back in later.
      Rettah ChessKing can move as any piece but must capture its attacker.
      Revelation ChessThe object is to obtain four knights of your color on the board.
      Reverso ChessWhite king and queen are reversed in the initial position.
      Richard Goode's 3D Chess
      Three-Dimensional Chess
      Rifle Chess
      Units capture without moving
      Riga Chess
      Escort King and Queen to the opposite side of the board. Not really a regional variant.
      Riley's Four Army ChessSeveral ways to win.
      Rolling Kings ChessKings move by themselves.
      Roman Chess10x10 variant available commercially
      Romanchenko's ChessNew chessboard with sides displaced
      Rook Odds ChessWhite starts without the queen's rook.
      Rook Square ChessEnemy rook squares are royal
      Rotary Chess
      Christian Freeling's game, offered as a development of "Ploy".
      Rotation ChessEvery ten turns, you switch and play the other player's units.
      Round Chess IIIQueens and rooks may move around concentric tracks.
      Royal StablesSeven Knights
      Rubble ChessClear squares by moving.
      Russian Fortress Chess
      Old four-handed chess game, with a considerable following in pre-communist Russia as well as elsewhere.
      Russian Progressive ChessEnd odd turns by moving an enemy unit

      Russian Stacking Chess
      Revival of a classic Russian variant. Stack units rather than capturing.
      Russian Symmetric ChessRussian 9x9 variant. Each bishop can make one orthogonal king's move.
      Rutland's Chess14x10 version
      Schachdame ChessPawns, a bishop, and a royal queen.
      (Paul) Schooling's ChessUnits transform when they capture
      Scorpion King ChessKing can also move as grasshopper
      Scotch Chess
      Number of moves increases each turn. Popular variant.
      Scotch Modern ChessA check or move to a guarded square ends the series. Not really a Scotch regional game.
      Secret Agent ChessYou may take control of a predesignated opposing minor piece.
      Secret Service ChessIf the king in in check, a secret service agent must exchange places with him if possible.
      Self EliminatorYou may capture your own units
      Sentinel ChessThe sentinel becomes a secondary army of up to eight pawns.
      Seven Knights ChessUnusual army for Red
      Shafran's Hexagonal ChessA classic hexagonal variant from Russia.
      ShaktiChristiaan Freeling's simple, elegant game with disappearing squares.
      ShatranjArabian chess, ancestral to the Western forms.
      Shoot Chess
      Rifle chess with mandatory captures.
      Shrapnel ChessNearest units at 45 degree angles from line of capture are also destroyed.
      Shrink ChessEmptied rows and columns vanish permanently
      Shrink Chess IIEmptied edge rows and edge columns vanish permanently
      Shuffle Chess 1 Normal sets, king and rooks on their usual squares, white and black need not match, bishops balance
      Shuffle Chess 2 Normal sets, randomly placed, no castling, white and black match, bishops need not balance
      Shuffle Chess 3 Random units, white and black match, no castling, bishops need not balance.
      Shuffle Chess 4 Random pieces, bishops (if any) balance, white and black need not match, no castling.
      Siberian Chess
      Very nice chess variant with jump captures, from Altai in Siberia.
      Skirmish Chess Armies start one rank forward each.
      Slater's ChessFast four-player game using the standard board.
      Slippery Center ChessUnits slide over the center squares.
      Sniper Chess Rooks, bishops, and knights do not capture as they move.
      Snowplow Chess Rooks, bishops, and queens may continue moving in the same direction after they capture.
      Soccer Chess
      Kick the ball into the enemy goal.
      Spanish Rules 1283
      Spanish Rules 1500
      Speed Game6x5 variant from Holland
      Sphinx ChessFour dimensions.
      Split Board ChessSwap halves of the board every 5 moves
      Sputnik ChessRooks, bishops, and knights on the enemy half of the board get free moves.
      Standoff ChessA check only works if it could be carried out by the defender without the attacker then being in check.
      Start-Again Chess IEach unit may return to its original square if unoccupied.
      Start-Again Chess IIEach unit may return to its original square if unoccupied, or (unless it is a pawn) the starting square of its enemy counterpart.
      Static ChessTake turns placing a unit so that none attacks another.
      Stealth Chess
      You must guess which opponent unit is which.
      StereoSchachOne of the most popular 3D chess games.
      Stochastic Chess
      Place or move squares in addition to units.
      Stratomic ChessTactical nuclear missiles may be deployed after a piece is captured in the ordinary way.
      Strip Chess IRemove an article of clothing each time you are checked. Rated PG-13.
      Strip Chess IIRemove or replace articles of clothing as units are captured. Rated PG-13.
      Strong Pawns ChessPawns move and promote as minor versions of the pieces they represent.
      Sudden Death ChessIf you do not capture, you must remove one of your own units.
      Super Chess IBig proprietary game for four. Pawns meet their opponents as in orthochess.
      Super Chess IIProprietary game from the 1970's.
      Super Chess IIIBig proprietary game with archers and cyclopses.
      Super KingKing moves as queen but cannot move across a square under attack
      Super KnightsIf a knight does not check on its first move, it may make a second move during a turn.
      Swarm ChessEach of your units must move each turn if possible.
      Swap Chess IFriendly units may swap places
      Symmetry Breaking ChessUnits become defined as they are selected and moved
      Synchronous ChessThe two sides truly move simultaneously.
      Syrian Chess 1850
      Tag ChessUnits which attack the mover are captured
      Take Me ChessYou may require that your last-moved unit be captured by a particular opposing unit, when possible. Object is to lose your units and be unable to move.
      Tamerlane ChessOld Persian large-board game, widely-played in medieval times

      Tandem Chess
      Bughouse variant where both boards score and a dropped unit may not give check.
      Tank Chess
      Tanks, bombs, and nukes. My favorite.
      Tank Chess II Only the Queen's Rook is a tank.
      Taurus Free-For-All ChessChess for four, no partners.
      Taurus Three-Way ChessChess for three on a four-way board.
      Taurus Two-Team ChessChess for four, with partners.
      Teamster ChessPawns pull the friendly piece behind them.
      Tedco ChessThree-Dimensional Chess
      Teleport Chess
      Each piece (not king or pawn) may teleport once to any vacant square.
      Termination ChessEach side must move once with a piece and once with a pawn each turn.
      Tesche Chess for Three Survivor wins.
      Thai Chess
      Usual variant played in Thailand
      Three Check ChessIf you deliver check for the third time, you win.
      Three-Dimensional Chess
      5 x 5 x 5 board, the most popular of the 3D variants
      Tibetan ChessNon-royal black capturers assume the identities of the captured white units. No relationship to real Tibetan culture.
      Tiger HuntWhite army, complete except for its queen, against a lone Q+Kt
      Tile Chess
      Popular chess game with tiles which must remain connected.
      Tim's 3D Chess

      Two kings on each side

        Super-pawns move, but do not capture, straight forward, up, down, or sideways.
      Toilet Roll Chess
      Disguise your units. If challenged, they must be revealed. If it moved illegally, the move must be withdrawn. If it moved legally, challenger forfeits the move.
      Too Many BishopsPlace an enemy bishop after your own move
      Toystore ChessFive pieces, no pawns.
      Transcendent ChessRandom ordering of first ranks.
      TransChessCoChess variant. You must move any non-royal unit on a cosquare to an empty square of your choosing.
      Transpose ChessSideways board, promote your pawns quickly
      Trap Door ChessOnce moved, a unit disappears if it is not moved again within 5 moves
      Trap Door Chess IITwo boards, with trap doors and mattresses
      Triangular ChessGeorge Dekle Sr., 1986.
      Rooks and bishops run in only three directions.
      Runners have more extended movements.
      TriCChess for three on a hexagonal board. Large proprietary game.
      TriChezzChess for three on a circular board. Classic proprietary game.
      Trigon ChessChess for three on a board of triangles. Modern proprietary game.
      Triplet ChessEach turn, move a king, a pawn, and another piece; win when opponent cannot
      TriscaciaChess for three.
      Triscacia IIChess for three on a 10 x 10 board.
      TritabulProgressive chess in three boards. Units may transfer.
      TroyHexagonal variant from a Dutch game club.
      Tsunami ChessVariant of Avalanche Chess, pawns move toward your side
      Tula ChessRussian local variant
      Turncoat ChessRandom units turn traitor.
      Turnstyle ChessFour player variant. Each team member controls half the board.
      Tutti Frutti ChessEight different pieces.
      Twenty Knights ChessRed's 20 knights must mate White within 50 moves.
      Twenty-First Century ChessGeorge Jelliss's elaborate game with runners and hoppers.
      TwiKnight ChessOnce per game, you can move a single knight twice.
      Twilight ChessWin by mate, stalemate, taking all pawns, taking all rooks and queens, or taking all bishops and knights.
      Twin ChessTwo of each kind of piece.
      Twin Chess IITwo of each kind of piece. Another setup.
      Twinkle ChessAlternately remove and replace an enemy pawn after each move.
      Twinkle Chess IIRemove and replace enemy pawns.
      Twin OrthodoxTwo kings on a 10x10 board.
      Twins ChessUnits of a kind move and are captured together.
        1. King and queen are twins
        2. Twin queens both start on same square
        3. Twin queens only
        4. Twins can occupy the same space
        5. Move separately, captured together
        6. Move together, captured separately
        7. A piece and its pawn move together
        8. A piece and its pawn are captured together
        9. A piece and its pawn move and are captured together.
      Two Fisted ChessDouble-move chess. You must move different pieces of the same kind. King and queen are of the same kind. No penalty if you cannot make the second move.
      Two Kings ChessWin by checkmating either one.
      Ultima Chess
      Popular game using the same units, with one rook upside-down
      Add your units when and where you choose.
      Unachess IILanding units may not check.
      Uncertainty ChessOmnidirectional pawns promote at will to the pieces.
      Union ChessPieces can fuse into stronger units.
      Unirexal ChessWhich player can win faster, given a queen in place of a king?
      Upside Down ChessBased on promoting pawns
      UrChessSome likely primitive features are restored
      Icelandic version. Supported units cannot be captured.
      Verney's Four-Handed ChessThe original popular four-handed version

      Viennese ChessFree placement with a screen
      Warp ChessRanks 3 and 6 mirror each other, as do 4 and 5.
      Warlord ChessKnights move as gryphons; queens move as gryphons or bishops
      Wellisch's Hexagonal ChessHexagonal chess for three players.
      Welschen Schach Unusual setup and promotion rules.
      Wild Chess 7King and three pawns.
      Wild Chess 8Leads to an open position.
      Wild Chess 9Royalty passes between the king and his guard
      Wildebeest Chess
      Game with several kinds of jumpers; one of the more-often played large-board variants.
      Wolf Chess
      Older European game with unusual pieces.
      Xenophobic ChessWin by penetrating enemy territory
      Xadrez RexHexagonal variant from Brazil.
      Yeoman ChessPawns can move diagonally backwards and capture straight back
      Zen ChessCapture enemy units according to their moves. Checkmate king as usual.
      Zip ChessPawns may move any number of square forward.
      Zombie Co-ChessCo-Chess variant
      Zoo Chess
      Capture four kinds of opposing units