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Chess 9x9

This page contains one or more presets for playing a game online with Game Courier, an online server for playing Chess variants by correspondence.

This variant was invented by Vitya Makov. I'm just creating a link to a rules-enforced preset.

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Pawns move exactly as in standard Chess and promote on the last rank to either Queen (Q) or Rook (R) or Bishop (B) or Knight (N) or Amazon (T) or Dragon Horse (D) or Camel (C).

Castling is symmetrical to either side by moving the King 3 squares to b1/b9 or h1/h9 while the Rook to c1/c9 or g1/g9.

Amazon - Disjunctive compound of Queen and Knight. It may move each time [or turn] like Queen OR like Knight.

Dragon Horse - It may move each turn like Bishop OR like Wazir (=one step othogonally).

Camel - It is a (1,3)-jumper. This means that it reaches its destination square by moving either three squares horizontally and one vertically, or one square horizontally and three vertically. The camel is a jumping piece, meaning it can move to its destination square whether the intervening squares are occupied or not. If the destination square is occupied by an enemy piece, then it captures that piece.

Remain rules are as in standard Chess.

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