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Battle Room Chess

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You can drop one piece, as a turn, on your gate, if it is empty.

Rook - Moves as Rook.

Knight - Moves as Nightrider.

Bishop - Moves as Bishop.

Pawn - Moves without capturing as Rook and captures as Bishop.

Stone / Green Circle - Does not move. Can be captured by either side.


You can play Colonization HERE.
The colored corners of the board are the gates of each player. The gates are the first "Planets" a player has. At the start of the game, 21 Planets are randomly placed on the main board. Each time a Planet is captured, it becomes the "colonized" by the player, and the square of the Planet turns to the player's color. A Planet may only be captured and/or colonized once.
For every empty square of the player's color, they can drop one of the pieces in their reserve to that square as a move. Also, when a Planet is newly captured, one piece of the player's choice can be replenished in their reserve, with the conditions that there must be less than two of that piece already in reserve.
A player wins by colonizing the most Planets in an agreed amount of turns.

Battle Room Chess

You can play Battle Room Chess HERE.

Pieces move until they capture or are adjacent to a Stone or the edge of the board. When a piece captures, a stone is placed on an adjacent square. You may drop pieces as a turn, without capturing, on your gate (the little bump on your side of the board). Pieces can move from the centre to the void around the board and vice versa. You win by getting 4 of your pieces in or adjacent to your opponent's gate.

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