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The Chess Variant Pages

Asylum Redux

This page contains one or more presets for playing a game online with Game Courier, an online server for playing Chess variants by correspondence.

Asylum Redux is a complete makeover of Asylum Chess resulting in a more balanced but still very exciting chess game.
It features the following new pieces

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Pieces and movement

The Insane Snake Bishop white Insane Snake Bishop black Insane Snake Bishop

The Insane Snake Bishop moves like a Bishop OR

Moveset of insane snake  bishop In addition to moving/capturing like a bishop, the Insane Snake Bishop can slide to squares in green.
It can take one of 2 paths as shown by the arrows.

The knight at b5 and the pawn at c5 block both paths to a6.
The pawn on b3 blocks one of the paths to a2 but it can still go two diagonally and 1 orthogonal square outwards to reach a2.

The Loony Snake Rook: Black Loony Snake Rook White Loony Snake Rook ninja pawn

The Loony Snake Rook moves like a Rook OR
Moveset of Loony Snake Rook In addition to moving/capturing like a Rook, the Loony Snake Rook can slide to squares in green.
It can take one of 2 paths as shown by the arrows.

The knight at c3 and the pawn at c4 block both paths to a3.
The Knight on c3 blocks one of the paths to c1 but it can still go two orthogonally and 1 diagonally outwards to reach c1.
Note that you cannot interpose a piece if the rook directly checks a king.

The Mad Queen

This is the same mad queen in standard chess and so has the same moves.

The Bishop

Moves exactly as in standard chess.


Same as in standard chess.

The Ferz-Knight white Ferz Knight black Ferz Knight

- moves like a knight or makes one step diagonally.

The Wazir-Knight white Wazir Knight black Wazir Knight

- moves like a knight or makes one step orthogonally.

The Pawn

The pawn can on any turn move 1-multiple spaces forward towards the center (rank 5 for white, rank 6 for black). From the middle, it takes one turn to move forward 1 square into the enemy half of board. Once in enemy territory, the pawn can go forward either 1 or 2 spaces forward.
For example, a pawn can start at e2 push forward to e5 then make one step to e6 then go e8, and promote at e10 in 4 moves!
It captures diagonally up as in standard Chess.
A pawn can capture en-passant any enemy pawn that on the last move made multiple steps and bypassed it.
Pawns can now promote to: Mad Queen, Insane Snake Bishop, Bishop, Ferz Knight, Wazir Knight or Loony Snake Rook on the 10th rank only.

The Ninja Pawn white ninja pawn black ninja pawn

Like the standard Pawn, it captures 1 space diagonally, moves multiple steps towards the center, thereafter 1 square forward into enemy territory and subsequently 1 or 2 spaces forward.
Additionally, it can move 1 space sideways without capturing.
If it is on the enemy side of the board (For White, rank 6+; for Black, rank 5-), the Ninja Pawn can capture 1 space sideways as well.
En passant does NOT apply to the Ninja Pawn.
5 Ninja Pawns can be dropped (1 per turn) into an empty space on the 2nd rank by either side during the course of play .
The Ninja Pawn can be optionally pushed forward (1-multiple spaces) towards the middle during the same turn.
The Ninja Pawn promotes just as the standard pawn does.


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