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The Principle of Transition applied in a Chess

If to look more closely to opening setup of many Chess games, it is possible to notice undistinguished but exclusively important distinction. Concerning an average horizontal line the Black pieces are "mirror image" to the White pieces. A King located opposite to a King and so on. As we know "mirror image" does left right, upwards by bottom and so on. For this reason, a White King is located on one square, and a Black King of the adversary is located on square other color. The same concerns to a Queen. It is imperceptible for light pieces because their quantity is equal to two. Thus, a Black army automatically become "mirror double" of a White army.

Obviously, it is impossible to put an equal-sign between somethig and its double, because their are very various by the nature. For example: substance and antisubstance. It is similar to fight of boxers holding left and right rack and boxing against each other face by face. For example, well-known the East game Go has the central symmetry. Or the ancient (and modern) Tamerlan Chess has the central and mirror symmetry simultaneously.

For the maximal equalize of initial position and reduction of advantage of the first move to a minimum, it is possible to take advantage of a following principle.

The Principle of transition from a "mirror symmetry" to the "central symmetry" in a Chess.

This method allows to reduce advantage of the first attack and does not depend in which side the contender sits. Both initial positions are absolutely symmetrical. Reciprocal symmetric moves for Black are not possible. For example 1.f3-f5 e8-e6, 2. f5-e6 .... Symmetry is broken.


For example: for a Classic Chess opening setup will be

R, N, B, Q, K, B, N, R - for White first row

R, N, B, K, Q, B, N, R - for Black last row from a8.

This setup has central symmetry about the midpoint of a board. Another example for Symchess:

In figure we can see,that the Kings and another pieces located on same color squares and they are symmetric about central point of a board (between e5,e6 and f5,f6).


This is not new Chess game, it is just reflection about opening setup of a Chess games.

* - Very good illustration of the Central symmetry for Symchess, emphasizing an arrangement of the Kings on a board.

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