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The Chess Variant Pages

Enemy progressive chess

Enemy progressive chess is a variant, invented by Sergej Sirotkin.

The setup and rules of orthodox chess are formed, but with the following modification.

Each turn, a player first makes a normal move with one of his pieces (or castles), and then makes a number of moves with pieces of the opponent. The number of moves increases: first white makes one move with white pieces and one move with black pieces; then black makes one move with black pieces and two moves with white pieces; then white makes one move with white pieces and three moves with black pieces, etc. So, the ith turn, the player makes one move with his own pieces, and i moves with the pieces of the opponent.

Every move made should be legal: one may not move the pieces of the opponent such that a player is in check (or checkmated) after the move.

Comment, by Hans Bodlaender

It seems to me that this variant would allow quite succesfull drawing strategies. A more agressive form would be to change the order in a turn: first make all the opponents moves and then one move of the player. Interestingly, a mate in that variant would be a series helpmate, as appearing in fairy chess problems, so let us call this variant Series Helpchess.

Written by Hans Bodlaender, based upon email of Sergej Sirotkin.
WWW page created: January 31, 2001.