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The Chess Variant Pages

Games of round 2

  b n n r q k r b 8
  p p p p p p p p 7
  P P P P P P P P 2
  B N N R Q K R B 1
  a b c d e f g h  
(K Q R B N P) represent white pieces;
(k q ... p) represent black pieces.

(Group A)

Kok - Sasata

1.Nc3 2.Nc6 g5 3.b4 b5 b:c6 4.d:c6 B:c3 B:a1 c5 5.d4 d:c5 R:d8 Qd1 R:e8+ 6.K:e8 g4 g3 g:f2 Bd4 f:g1=Q# 0-1

Solans - Castelli

1.e4 2.d5 d4 3.d3 f4 g4 4.Qc6 Q:c2 Q:d1 Q:e1+ 5.K:e1 g5 g6 g:h7 h:g8=Q+ 6.K:g8 g5 g:f4?? Td6 Tg6 T:g1+
Illegal move sequence. The black king is after g5:f4 two moves long in check. That is illegal! (apf). Instead, 6. K:g8 g5 Td6 Tg6 g:f4?? T:g1+ has the same effect but is legal. (Correction from Castelli.)
7.Ke2 b4 B:d4 B:g1 B:a7 B:b8 B:c7 8.Nd6 N:e4 Nd2 N:b1 b6 B:h1 Be5 B:c7 9.Nb3 Nd2 N:b1 Nc3 Nd5 N:b6 Nd5 N:c7 a3 10.Be4 Bh7 e5 e4 Kf8 Ke7 Kd7 K:c7 Kb6 e:d3+ 11.Kf3 K:f4 Kg5 Kh6 K:h7 Kg7 K:f7 Ke7 Kd7 Kd6 a4 12.Draw ½-½

Sasata - Cassano


(Group B)

Nazarian - Peters

1.d4 2.c5 c:d4 3.R:d4 R:d7 R:d8 4.Nc6 Ne5 Ng4 N:h2# 0-1

Mori - Blázsik

1.Nc3 2.g5 B:c3 3.b3 B:c3 e3 4.g4 g3 g:f2 f:e1=Q+ 5.R:e1 Ke2 Be5 Bf4 Bh6+ 6.Rg7 e5 Qe6 Q:h6 Q:h2 Ke7 7.Kd3 g4 Rg2 R:h2 R:h7 R:g7 Ke2 8.Na6 Nb4 Nd3 Rh8 R:h1 e4 R:e1# 0-1

Peters - Pfeiffer

1.Nc3 2.g5 B:c3 3.g4 b:c3 c4 4.b5 B:h1 e5 f6 5.c5 c6 c:d7 R:h1 d:e8=Q+ 6.K:e8 b4 b3 b:c2 c:d1=Q Q:e1+ 7.Kg2 B:e5 B:f6 B:d8 B:c7 B:b8 R:e1 8.Rf8 Rf3 h5 h:g4 g3 g:f2 f:e1=Q Qf1# 0-1

Blázsik - Neto

1.d4 2.e5 e:d4 3.R:d4 Re4 R:e8+ 4.R:e8 g5 Bc3 B:e1 5.g4 Bd5 Rg3 Rf3 R:f7# 1-0

Pfeiffer - Forzoni

1.f4 2.g5 g:f4 3.g3 g:f4 T:g8+ 4.K:g8 Bd4 Bf2 B:e1 5.f5 f6 f:e7 e:d8Q Q:e8+ 6.Kg7 Nd6 N:e8 b5 B:h1 a5 7.a3 R:e1 Kf2 Nc3 N:b5 N:c7 N:e8+ 8.Resigns 1-0

Neto - Nazarian

1.d4 2.c5 c:d4 3.Nd3 f4 g4 4.g5 d5 Nc6 Rd6 5.f:g5 g6 Qf2 B:d5 Q:f7+ 6.Q:f7+
some call move 6. "Galvin's Ghost". Be careful with this type of move! (jpn)
7.g:f7 f:g8=Q# 1-0

Forzoni - Mori

1.f4 2.d5 Nd7 3.e4 e:d5 Kf2 4.Nf6 Qb5 Qd3 Ng4# 0-1

(Group C)

Tolonen - Montero

1.Nc3 2.g5 g4 3.g3 B:b7 B:a8 4.B:c3 B:b2 B:a1 Bh8 5.f3 f:g4 Bd5 Qf2 Q:f7+ 6.Q:f7+ 7.B:f7 0-0 Rf6 Rg6 Be6 R:g8# 1-0

Honkela - Hansen

1.Nc3 2.g5 f5 3.d4 e4 Ke2 4.f:e4 e3 e:f2 f:e1=Q+ 5.Kd3 Nd5 Nf4 Rf1 Ne6# 1-0

Montero - Santoni

1.Nc3 2.Nc6 g5 3.g4 B:c6 Bh1 4.B:c3 B:b2 B:a1 Nd6 5.Nd3 Ne5 N:f7 N:d6 N:e8 6.e5 e4 e3 e:f2 Bd4 f:g1=Q# 0-1

Hansen - Ferri

1.Nc3 2.g6 B:c3 3.d:c3 e3 f4 4.Nc6 Nd4 Nf3 N:h2+ 5.Ke2 Nb3 Qh4 Q:h2 Qh6+ 6.Rg7 b6 B:g2 e5 e:f4 Q:e3# 0-1

Ferri - Tolonen

1.d4 2.f5 g5 3.g3 B:b7 B:a8 4.f4 f:g3 Qf7 Q:f2+ 5.Q:f2+ 6.g:f2 B:d4 f:g1=R# 0-1

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