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The Chess Variant Pages

1st World WW Championship

Progressive Fischer Random Chess

Games of Round1

Starting setup
  q n r n k b b r 8
  p p p p p p p p 7
  P P P P P P P P 2
  Q N R N K B B R 1
  a b c d e f g h  
Decription of piece symbols
Symbol Piece
K King
Q Queen
R Rook
B Bishop
N Knight
P Pawn
Capitals (K, Q, ..., P) describe white pieces;
Small letters (k, q, ..., p) describe black pieces.

(Group A)

Castelli - Cassano

1.Nbc3 2.e5 Ne6 3.f3 e4 Ne3 4.d5 d4 d:c3 c:d2+ 5.K:d2 Ba6 B:b7 B:a8 Nc4 6.Nf4 Kd7 Nc6 Na5 R:a8 Nc4+ 7.Ke1 b4 Q:e5 Q:f4 e5 Q:c4 Qd4+ 8.Bd6 c5 c:d4 Rc8 R:c2 Rc3 B:b4 R:c1++ 9.Ke2 B:d4 R:c1 Rc8 R:g8 R:g7 R:h7 R:h8 Rh3 10.Resigns 1-0

Kok - Solans

1.b3 2.e5 f5 3.Qd4 Q:a7 Q:a8 4.b5 Bd5 B:a8 d5 5.c4 c:d5 R:c7 R:c8 Nb2 6.f4 f3 B:d5 f:e2 B:g2 e:f1=Q# 0-1

Solans - Sasata

1.e4 2.Ne6 b5 3.f4 f5 f:e6 4.d5 d:e4 f5 B:e6 5.b3 Qe5 Q:e6 Bc4 Q:c8# 1-0

Sasata - Castelli

1.Ne3 2.Nbc6 e5 3.Nc4 Nb6 N:a8 4.Nd4 Nb3 N:a1 f6 5.Nc3 Nb5 N:a7 N:c8 N:c7+ 6.Kf7 Bd6 B:c7 Nb3 N:c1 g5 7.Nb6 N:d7 b4 Kd1 K:c1 Kb2 g3 8.e4 e3 e:d2 d1=Q Kg6 Bf4 Bd2 Qc1# 0-1

One game in this round is still unfinished, due to several circumstances.

(Group B)

Nazarian - Mori

1.e4 2.c5 c4 3.Nbc3 a4 a5 4.b5 b4 b:c3 Q:e4+ 5.Be2 Qa4 b:c3 Q:c4 Q:e4 6.d5 d:e4 R:c3 R:c2 R:c1 Kd7 7.h4 Rh3 Rc3 R:c1 Nc3 N:e4 Bb5+ 8.Ke6 Ke5 h5 Rh6 Rc6 Ne6 Nf4 R:c1# 0-1

Mori - Peters

1.g3 2.c6 h5 3.a4 Ne3 Nc3 4.h4 h:g3 g2 g:f1=R+ 5.N:f1 Ne4 Qa3 Qe3 Nd6# 1-0

Peters - Blazsik

1.Nbc3 2.e5 Ne6 3.e4 Ne3 Be2 4.h5 d5 d4 d:e3 5.Bg4 B:e6 B:c8 B:b7 B:a8 6.Rh6 Rf6 R:f2 f6 Bc4 Rf1# 0-1

Blazsik - Pfeiffer

1.e4 2.f5 e5 3.f4 f:e5 d3 4.f:e4 e3 Be6 Bb4+ 5.c3 c:b4 B:e3 Nf2 Nc3 6.Rf8 R:f2 b6 Q:g2 Q:h1 Q:f1# 0-1

Pfeiffer - Neto

1.b4 2.d5 e5 3.f4 e4 Bb5+ 4.c6 c:b5 Ndc6 d:e4 5.Bb6 f:e5 e6 Qf6 Q:f7??

Pfeiffer thought there was a knight on g8. Later he found that he could have mated: 5.Bc5 f:e5 e6 Q:g7 Q:f8#

6.B:f7 Bh5 a:b6 Qa3 Qf3 Qe2# 0-1

Neto - Forzoni

1.b4 2.a5 a:b4 3.a3 a:b4 Q:a8 4.Nbc6 R:a8 N:b4 f5 5.e4 Bc4 Nbc3 Nb5 N:c7# 1-0

Forzoni - Nazarian

1.e4 2.b6 f6 3.Be2 Nbc3 Bh5+ 4.Bf7 Bh5 b5 b4 5.a3 a:b4 Q:a7 Q:a8 Ne3 6.Nc6 N:b4 R:a8 Ra1 R:c1+ 7.Ned1 e5 e6 Nb5 N:c7# 1-0

(Group C)

Polacco - Tolonen

1.Ndc3 2.b5 h5 3.e4 B:b5 f4 4.c6 c:b5 R:c3 Re3+ 5.d:e3 f5 Na3 N:b5 Nc7# 1-0

Tolonen - Honkela

1.b4 2.e5 f5 3.Qd4 Q:a7 Q:a8 4.Nbc6 R:a8 b5 d5 5.Ne3 N:d5 Nb6 N:a8 d3 6.B:a2 B:b1 B:c2 B:b4# 0-1

Honkela - Montero

1.b4 2.b5 f6 3.Qd4 Qd5 Q:a8 4.Bd5 B:a8 B:g2 B:h1

White hadn't seen this B sequence

5.Bg2 B:h1 e4 f4 Kf2
Trying to avoid future attacks from black g pawn, but white is playing too defensively.

6.e5 B:b4 B:d2 B:f4 B:h2 B:g1+
(!) That was good, because: 1. blocks the dangerous white e-pawn; 2. leaves white bishop at h1 almost out of the game; 3. stops several mating lines; 4. takes 4 pawns in a single move (this will reveal decisive); note that the rook in c1 could also be taken, but the g1 Bishop would remain very effective against black pawns.

7.Ke2 Ndc3 N:b5 N:a7 N:c8 R:g1 Re1
A good defensive move, thinking about a possible invasion of black h1 Rook.

8.Nbc6 Nb4 N:a2 Nb4 N:c2 N:e1 d6 Kf7
(!) Now the King is protecting the 4 most important pieces (d and e pawns, rook and knight) against white Knight sequences. Trying to defend black e1 Knight would lead to complications, as also trying to promote black g7 pawn.

9.Nc3 Nd5 N:c7 Ne6 N:g7 Ne7 Ng6 K:e1 N:h8+
That is it.White had to finish with a check, but the game is lost now. Several other sequences loose too.

10.K:g7 K:h8 Kg7 Ne6 Ng5 N:e4 Ng3 N:a1 d5 d4 11.Resigns 0-1 [comments: Montero]

Montero - Hansen

1.e4 2.f5 f4 3.f3 a4 a5 4.Bc4 B:f1 Ba6 d6 5.b4 b5 b:a6 a:b7 b:a8=Q 6.Na6 R:a8 Rb8 R:b1 R:a1 R:c1 7.Bd4 B:g7 B:f8 Bg7 B:h8 Bb2 B:c1 [7.e5 e6 c4 c5 c:d6 d7# (apf)] 8.d5 d:e4 e:f3 f:g2 f3 Nc5 Ne4 g:h1=Q# 0-1

Hansen - Santoni

1.e4 2.f5 f:e4 3.Ndc3 Nb5 N:c7+ 4.R:c7 R:c2 Bc4 R:c1# 0-1

Santoni - Ferri

1.e4 2.e5 a6 3.B:a6 B:b7 B:a8 4.Ba3 B:b2 B:a1 Ne6 5.Bb7 B:c8 Nbc3 R:a1 Ne3 6.f5 f4 f:e3 Ke7 Nd4 N:c2+ 7.Ke2 d:e3 Rb1 Ba6 R:b8 R:g8 R:h8 8.g5 g4 g3 g:h2 h:g1=Q Q:h1 Na3 Kf7 9.f3 f4 f5 f6 g4 g5 Rg8 Bb7 Bd5# 1-0

Ferri - Polacco

1.b3 2.e5 Nbc6 3.a4 Qa3 Q:f8+ 4.K:f8 f5 b5 b:a4 5.e3 Bb5 B:c6 B:a8 b:a4 6.e4 h5 Bc4 Ne6 Nf4 N:g2# 0-1

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