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About a possible setup in Fischer Random Chess

Larry D. Collins Jr. sent me an email, with the following text, that was too nice (I think) to let go unnoticed to a somewhat wider audience.
Imagine that you're setting down at some cheap, brown, formica folding table. You look across the plastic roll out board at your nemises, who has beaten you time and again with his photographic grasp of Batsford's opening library. You fake confidence and smile because today, you are playing Fischer random chess... Who knows what fate has in store...? You get out your white pieces and a die to begin the setup... But something strange is happening... Roll after roll; these positions are too familiar! Can it be possible that the only thing not standard in your army is the Queen on Black?! Your confidence withers, and you probably hear a soft, deep, satisfied chuckle across the board.

Today will be more predictable than you had hoped...

Man, that would be disturbing. ;)

Just a thought,

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