Chess Problems of 1001 Years Ago

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Dilaram's Legacy (solution)

The solution of this problem uses the form of a series of checks, which is rather common for mansubats.

King c3; General c4; Knight e5, f5; Elephant e3. (5 pieces)

King e8; Rook a8, h8; Knight b8, g8; Elephant c8, f8; Pawn a7, b6, c6, d7, e7, f7, g7, h7. (15 pieces)

White to play and win.

The white king decides for a desparate attack. At midnight, he sends out his horsemen and they surprise the sentries. The black king must flee.

1. ... , N f5 x g7+.
2. K e8 - d8, N e5 x f7+.

A hot pursuit follows, in which the white vizier joins the forces that pursue the black king.

3. K d8 - c7, N g7 - e8+
4. K c7 - b7, N f7 - d8+
5. K b7 - a6, N e8 - c7+
6. K a6 - a5, N d8 - b7+
7. K a5 - a4

7. ... , G c4 - b3+
8. K a4 - a3

And the white elephant tramples the black king to death:

8. ... , E e3 - c1, mate.

See the index of mansubat for a few more problems of Shatranj.

Written by Hans Bodlaender.
WWW page created: November 9, 1999.