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The Chess Variant Pages

Link to: Keeps and Moats Chess: A four-player chess variant

Matt Worden's "Keeps & Moats" is a chess variant for 2 to 4 players. It uses the standard western (FIDE) chess pieces (with one small alteration), a unique board, and new movement rules to create an exciting, fast-paced strategy game. Test playing has shown it to play more like a war game than like traditional chess.

News: The computer version was recently released as v1.0, with a free demo available. The demo's only restrictions are that the user cannot choose control for 2 of the 4 sides (Black and Red are always played by a randomly-selected computer opponent), and there are several pop-up and on-screen demo reminders. The game does include NetPlay functionality -- the ability to player others over the Internet or other TCP/IP LAN. More details can be found at ... It's about a 3.0 MB download.

Keeps and Moats Chess: A four-player chess variant:

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