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This page is written by the game's inventor, M Winther.

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In Stahlberg Chess the rules are the same as in orthodox chess, except that two extra pieces per player are placed in the reserve. If players have elected to include external pieces, they may either move a piece or pawn, or drop an extra piece from the reserve. Pieces may only be dropped on a friendly pawn on the second rank. The removed friendly pawn must immediately be relocated two squares ahead of the dropped piece. This position, and the position in between, must be empty. If not, the piece cannot be dropped on the friendly pawn. Should a player refrain from inserting his extra pieces at these occasions, then he has forfeited his chance of introducing them. Note that pieces and pawns are allowed to move before an extra piece has been dropped. You are allowed to make a pawn-relocation if in check, if the pawn-relocation covers the check. The relocated pawn can be captured by 'en passant'.

The extra pieces are the following. Chancellor (Princess): combines the powers of a Rook and a Knight. It is as valuable as a Queen. Swedish Cannon: after having jumped any piece, the Swedish cannon can slide and capture like a rook. However, if no jump move exists it's allowable to slide like a rook, but without capturing. The Swedish Cannon has about the same value as a bishop.

A Zillions implementation and more information is here.

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