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External Link: Quivira Font

From the site:
Quivira is a Unicode font in the TrueType-format which is supported by every usual office program or printer. Unicode font means, it contains more than the standard characters for some western European languages. Seen from the typographic point of view, Quivira is a proportional serif font like e.g. the more well-known Times New Roman and Garamond. Thus it is suitable for writing well readable texts. New characters are continously added to Quivira; so it makes sense to look for new versions from time to time.
In the Private Use area of this font are regional and historical chess piece characters from Shogi, Asian Variants, Tamerlane and Shatranj. To type the characters using a PC in a word processing program such as MS Word, hold down the Alt key, type (for example) 57360, release the Alt key. The number you type in should be in the range of 57360-57423. The FIDE pieces are found in the Miscellanous Symbols area in the range of 9812-9823, as defined in the Unicode standard. Accessing them works the same way as above.

Download version 2.6 of this font here (.zip file).

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