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This page is written by the game's inventor, Davey Drehs.

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All the official Chess movement rules EXCEPT:
1)Check and checkmate are obsolete
a. The king may occupy a square attacked by opponent's piece. The goal is to EXECUTE the king!
2) Pieces have LifePoints (LP), Armor, a weapon, and Special abilities.
3) Castling: normal chess rules apply bearing in mind that check and checkmate are obsolete
4) En Passant: no longer exists
5) Pawn Promotion: normal chess rules apply (note: the new piece has ALL of his/her LifePoints)

During your turn:
Firstly, move a piece OR attack with a piece
If you move, simply move a single piece into any legal space. End of turn.
If you attack,
declare who is being attacked and by whom
roll a D20 (add your ear necklace total, if any) to determine if you hit your foe (you must roll greater than your opponent's armor)
if you hit, determine how much damage by rolling the appropriate weapon-die
if you miss, no damage is assessed
if the attacked piece is dead, move into its square and don a single ear-necklace End of turn
if it survives, it automatically counter attacks. It rolls a D20 to determine if it hits then assess damage as appropriate. End of turn (note: if a defending piece kills the offending piece, remove the offending piece from the board, the defending piece does NOT move nor does it gain an ear-necklace)

1. Pawns = 4LP, 4 Armor, and damage with a D4
2. Knight = 6LP, 6 Armor, and damage with a D6
3. Bishop = 6LP, 6 Armor, and damage with a D6
4. Rook = 8LP, 8 Armor, and damage with a 2D4s
5. Queen = 12LP, 12 Armor, and damage with 2D6
6. King = 1LP, 6+ Armor, and damage with D4

Special Abilities:
Pawns can fight in dyas for improved offense and defense. Anytime two pawns are side-by-side and off the starting position, the offending pawn doubles his weapon (2D4s) the defending pawn doubles his Armor! (In the case of 3 or more side-by-side pawns, the pawns in dyas must be immediately declared)

Knights teleport! In your turn, move your Knight to any unoccupied space on the board, AND you may immediately attack an enemy that move. However, the act of teleportation is damaging; the teleported Knight has only ONE LifePoint immediately upon arrival.

Bishops can return from the dead! Once per game, each dead Bishop may return to his unoccupied, starting space with 3 LifePoints, no ears & a black necklace. This counts as your turn.

Rook has a Cannon! Instead of making a standard offense move, a rook may shoot a projectile 2 to 5 squares forward, backward, or laterally only. If it hits, the damage is 2D4 AND splash damage. (Minus ONE LifePoint from ALL adjoining spaces). HOWEVER, projectile-damage can NEVER kill; it may take all but one LifePoint.

Queen has no special abilities. She's that awesome!

King absorbs armor. The King's Armor is 6 plus the total of all surrounding pieces armor for a max of 19Armor. Also, he can use a turn to heal all surrounding squares 4 LifePoints

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By Davey W Drehs.
Web page created: 2009-05-04. Web page last updated: 2009-05-04