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The following is from the wikipedia entry for Dice Chess, including wikipedia's suggested rules for it that require using 2 dice.


Dice chess can refer to a number of chess variants in which dice are used to alter gameplay; specifically that the moves available to each player are determined by rolling a pair of ordinary six-sided dice. There are many different variations of this form of dice chess. One of them is described here.


The players alternate rolling the dice and, if possible, moving. On each of the dice, the one represents a pawn, two a knight, three a bishop, four a rook, five a queen, and six a king. The player may move either of the pieces indicated on the two dice. For example, a player rolling a one and a two may move either a pawn or a knight. A player who rolls doubles (the same number on both dice) may play any legal move. Otherwise, standard chess rules apply, with these exceptions:

a player who has no legal move with either of the pieces indicated by the dice loses that turn (passed turn);
if castling is otherwise legal, a player may castle upon rolling a four, six, or doubles;
an en passant capture of a pawn is possible only if the player rolls a one, or doubles, immediately once the opportunity for the en passant capture arises;
a player who is in check can only play a legal response to that check (capturing the checking piece, moving the king, or interposing a piece);
a player who is in check but does not make a roll allowing a legal response to the check loses that turn, but does not automatically lose the game;
except in the unlikely event that the game ends in a draw pursuant to the standard rules of chess, the game ends when one player either checkmates the opponent or captures the opponent's king.


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